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Sunday, January 9, 2011

After Books, Movies.

My internet connection has really been cooperative this weekend.

Usually, it takes me almost the whole day to download a 700MB film. I am happy if my laptop's download speed is within the range of 40-70 mbps kbps.

Yesterday, it was going over a hundred. Whew!

So, I took advantage of the fast speed. (Thinking it might not last till next weekend. Hahaha!)

I asked a few for movie suggestions. Downloaded some of the suggested titles.

Just want to share what I have downloaded in almost 24 hours. :)

Tangled. Bridget Jones's Diary. Freaky Friday. Black Swan. Havoc. Brokeback Mountain. Dirty Dancing. The Tourist. Megamind.  My Amnesia Girl. The Parent Trap.

Latest episodes of CSI NY, Better With You, Cougar Town, Grey's Anatomy, CSI, No Ordinary Family, Modern Family.

From books to movie, this is just L-O-V-E. :)

How was your weekend, dear? :)

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