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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Yet Another Movie Post

Remember last weekend I was able to download 11 movies and a couple of TV Series episodes?

Well, I'm still lucky to be having the same fast download speed. So, I continue my downloading mania. :)

This weekend, I focus on my local favorite films. Well, not all are my faves. Some of these I haven't seen yet and I'm looking forward to see these during my upcoming Boracay weekend. ;p

Have you seen any of these films? All are from Star Cinema, because I just love them! :)

How's your weekend so far? I had a tiring (but fun) Saturday. I'll have another post for this soon. And as I've posted in my FB, I'm (surprisingly) excited for Monday. Why? You'll know soon. ;p

Enjoy the rest of the day!

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