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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lord. Of. The. Rings.

Yes, it was my first time to watch the LOTR series. And it was indeed a memorable one.
I wasn't paying that much attention while watching. I was playing games with my iPhone. I was playing with Peanut. I was browsing Facebook ans Twitter.

When the first installment ended, I absent-mindedly clicked on the next movie in the lineup without reading its title.

Unfortunately, I clicked on the 3rd and last installment of this trilogy. I only realized this (and decided to check) during the last 40minutes of the film. Sucks, right? Anyway, I didn't watch the 2nd anymore.

Lesson learned. Read the title first. :)


Monday, August 20, 2012

Positive Thought #14

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Just A Thought #22

It's all about being nice.

Movie Flashback #1

I miss Matilda.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Positive Thought #13

I Can Exceed My Limitations

Running used to be out of my vocabulary before.

I started to enjoy running this year with the motivations from friends and the boyfriend.

I can say that I'm not a hard-core runner. Oh, I haven't done 10k for the longest time.

So, joining fun-runs and paying to get tired is really something new to me.

You can say that I exceeded my limitations when I ran for light. (Details here)

I was up around 3 in the morning to prep up and head to the Fort for my 5k run.

It was raining cats and dogs. My friends and I were about to back out but decided otherwise.

Well, you guessed it right. We were soaking wet during the entire race!

I believe this has been my biggest physical challenge so far. Who would have enjoyed running with dripping-wet and soaked running shoes, eh?

I believe I exceeded my limitations and succeeded. :)

Oh, and it's important to be protected while doing sports. And by being protected, I don't only mean wearing life vests, helmets, knee pads and the likes. But you should smell great as well. You wouldn't want to win a game just because your opponent can't take how you smell, right? Good thing, there's Safeguard Active who won't let bad hygiene distract you from exceeding your athletic limitations and in beating your personal best.

Speaking of my personal best. Yes, aside from running wet and wild, I beat my personal best by finishing 5k, two minutes faster than my now 2nd personal best time. How's that for exceeding another limitation? :)

Since we're talking about sports here, who do I look up to when it comes to sports? Well, with the recently concluded London Olympics , my favorite sports athlete would have to be Michael Phelps. Beating so many records definitely shows how he extremely exceeded his and everyone's limitations.

You know how else you can beat your own limitations? Maybe you can set-up a timer on your side, measure how far 20-meters can go and try to beat Coach Rio's 2.3s record for the 20-m dash. Watch this to get more inspired and motivated to exceed your limitations. :)

Feel free to share your moments when you've exceeded your limitations. :)

Coffee, anyone?

Friday, August 17, 2012

I'm A Piscean

I've been tumblr-hopping the other day, and learned about Zodiac Chic.

Some of her Pisces posts are true, and some I choose to deny, and some are just not me. Hahaha!

Anyway, here are some reposting-worthy statements I chanced upon. :)

Yes, I'm touchy to a few. Hahaha!


Which is why I want to have out of town vacations all the time. 

I heart X. :)

I dream a lot, Yes.

OMG, X! You know about this, right? :)

Perfectionist to say the least, which is why I usually take care
of planning our trips and itineraries. :)

X is a Scorpio! :)

All images from SOURCE

All About U!

U! Happy Events provides support and value integration to other kids organizations through innovative events under the following guiding framework:

Understand the need to change.
Utilize partner’s time, talent and treasures.
Unify society through constant action.

We believe change starts with U!
U! visits Smokey Mountain (December 2010)

We focus on 5 main causes among others: Nourishment, Scholarship, Cancer Treatment, Outdoor Recreation & Happy Birthdays! 

JOIN our upcoming events as a volunteer, share your talents or PLEDGE to our different causes and beneficiaries.

U! Can also make your own event as well by choosing from our list of beneficiaries, set date and time and tell us what you want to do for the kids! (See details here)

U! Core Team, Volunteers poses for the camera with the young ladies from Visayan Forum
This event was sponsored by a U! Volunteer who wanted to celebrate her birthday by doing a “Create-Your-Own-Event

Since December of 2006, we have been creating various, fun, impact-filled events to bring out better opportunities to kids and their families, to their communities and even to our partners.
The U! Core Team with the representatives from World Vision, Institute of Internal Audit (IIA) during the turnover of the mini-library to H. Francisco Elementary School in Pateros (July 2012)
We are looking into tapping hundreds of new partners – to VOLUNTEER or PLEDGE for causes for all our events this 2012! Each of our events will be focused on certain causes dependent on our kid organization partner. We have done 144 events since the end of July 2012.
Kids Marathon (October 2007) [80 volunteers, 37 orphans from Tuklasan kid center]
Clockwise (L-R) : (1-2) Volunteers ready for the fun run (3-4) Kids showing off the rubber shoes they received from U! (5-8) Kuya Ruther entertains the kids with a puppet show
U! Can Learn (July 2011)
Clockwise (L-R) : (1) Pairing of volunteer & kids. (2) Orientation of volunteers 
(3-5) Kids enjoying the free coffee and muffin provided by Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf 
(6) Organization Partner, JCI Manilena (7-8) Kids in action
U! Can Build (May 2011)
Clockwise (L-R) : (1) Volunteers with the kids (2-3) Magic Show (4) U! Volunteers 
(5-8) Talent Showcase by the kids, volunteers and the Cardio Boys
U! Kids Carnival (June 2012) [305 volunteers, 145 kids]
Volunteers and kids had fun with the 24 fun-filled and creative booths 
from different organizations and companies.
We invite you to be our PARTNER, VOLUNTEER or SPONSOR for a change!

Join us for our 7th U! Can event, Kids Olympics. Our groups will be riding on the hype of Olympics in a Filipino way. Instead of the competitive sport events, we will be partnering U! volunteers to play Larong Pinoy. Get to know more about Patintero, Agawan Base and Tumbang Preso and fight it out with other teams. We will need 150 of U! to partner with 150 kids of Little Lights Ministry.

Little Lights provides Christian values and feeding programs to two areas in Metro Manila – Cainta and Pateros. We will also be having Magic, Dance, and Cheering! See U! on August 25, Saturday, 1:00-5:00PM at Ynares Covered Court, Village East Homes, Felix Avenue, Cainta Rizal. The village is right infront of the newly-opened SM Hypermarket.

To REGISTER, simply visit your nearest The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf branches. Payment is only Php300 and it comes with free Coffee or Tea!

Share this and invite more friends to join! :)

LIKE us on Facebook or FOLLOW un on Twitter for more updates. :)

That Dress!

Don't you just hate it when you see something you love but can't have?

Oh, I'm not talking about a person you love here. I'm referring to something a bit more superficial.

Like this dress.
I didn't fix the belt here.
Tell me, it's nice, right? :)

The boyfriend and I were doing our usual rounds in Glorietta, hoping to see a great deal with this sale season.

So, we were in Debenhams. Yes, there were sale items. But my eyes were glued to this cute and oh-so-pretty-dress. I'm not even a fan of orange, but this is really pretty!

It's not on sale. And even if it's on sale, I don't think I'd want to buy it. So, I just tried it on.

I tried it on. I gasped. It was really nice!

Sigh, I really can't buy a dress this expensive. For now.

If any of you knows anyone who knows someone in Debenhams, please let me know when this dress goes on at least 70% off. Hahaha! :)

PAGING DEBENHAMS! We were affected by the flood (due to Habagat), and you may DONATE this dress to me! Hahahaha!

P.S. The dress costs Php8,000+

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Just A Thought #20

I know it's hard at times, but we have to be nice still. :)

My Favorite Salad

I rarely eat veggies before. Now, I'm starting to learn to love them. Emphasis on starting.

Before, I used to remove the bits and pieces of carrots and cabbage in my plate of Pancit. Now, I don't anymore. See? I've changed! Hahaha!

So, when I recommend a salad dish, it has to be sooooooo great, right? And I found the best salad so far. House specialty salad from Felix.
My favorite salad

Let me tell you. It was amazing! It has a salty but sweet taste, comes with chicken and tuna sashimi, assorted fruits and a lot of greens. Oh, and there were a lot of crispy fried shredded crabsticks on top. It was really great. Delicious!

It was I think around ~Php400 and is good for sharing.

Felix is located at Greenbelt 5.

How about you, what's your recent food find?

Btw, it was our 89th monthsary as a couple :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Just A Thought #21


U! Kids Olympics!

Do you miss the games you played when you were a kid? When playing was not yet associated to electronic gadgets. When we basked under the sun and ran wild around the neighborhood with street games.

I'm sure most of you have played Agawan Base, Patintero and Tumbang Preso back in the days. Do you miss them?

Well, we're not done yet with the London Olympics hype. U! Happy Events is giving you the opportunity to relive these childhood memories. Join us for our 7th U! Can event, U! Kids Olympics!

There'll be lots of action, fun and excitement during this afternoon event. It will definitely be a blast with the games, magic shows, photo booth and great food.

So, head now to the nearest Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf branch to register. Save the date, August 25.

See U! there!

P.S. LIKE us on Facebook and FOLLOW us on Twitter.

1st Beach Experience in 2012

Have you tried Surfing? Not internet surfing, but the real surfing with the use of a surfboard.

If not yet, oh, let me tell you that it's really an amazing experience. Superb!

I had so much fun during our Baler trip few weeks ago.

On my nth attempt
Our day started super early because it takes 5-7 hours to get to Baler. And FYI, Baler is in Aurora and not Quezon. :)

We met with the Barefoot Travel group around 130am. I told you it was super early, right? Hahaha!

Let me tell you first about Barefoot Travel. It was founded and formed by a group of friends who loves to travel and take on some adventures. So basically, anyone can join the Barefoot Travel group. You can join on your own or you may invite some friends as well. They usually I think limit the group size to about 20-30 so as it's not hard to organize, especially during the trip.

So, I joined with the boyfriend. It was his 2nd time already as he has joined their La Union trip in the past month.

I don't want this to be a super long post, so I'll let the photos again do the talking. :)

After the 1st day surfing lessons
The boyfriend who looks like a pro

Before our surfing lessons, we went around the town
On our way to the falls here.

When in Baler, never miss the opportunity to have a meal in Bay's Inn.
Try their Grilled Fish. The boyfriend loves it.
I plan to experiment and cook this for him. :)

Before heading to Manila, passed by Museo De Baler

And MLQ's Ancestral House

And oh, we'll never forget our last adventure
We went up this humongous Balete tree

That's all, folks! Visit Baler soon, or check out Barefoot Travel's Facebook page. They're coming back to Baler on the 25th. :)

5 Things I'm Thankful For #39

Hello Philippines and Hello World!

So, kumusta naman? Been MIA for almost a month again.

Anyway, again to end this blog-post-drought, here's my "5 Things"

1. The Soshal Network. For choosing my entry in their recent giveaway.

Sa isang bahay, maghahanda na ng birthday lunch ang isang nanay para sa kanyang anak. 

Namimili siya sa mga alaga niyang biik, manok at isda kung aling ang kakatayin niya. 

Kung ikaw si chicken, paano ka magmamakaawa na hindi ikaw ang katayin ng hindi mahu-hurt ang iyong “fried”?

2. Bayo. For the super-pink jacket I bought over the weekend. So cute! And it's not that expensive. :)

3. Habagat. Yes, I try to look at the brighter side of this habagat. Coz of this Habagat, I was able to watch LOTR. Yes, Lord of the Rings. It's my first to watch this film. More on this on a separate post.

4. Meralco. For keeping up with Habagat. We had electricity the whole time Habagat was busy flooding the Metro. Hooray for being connected the whole time it was raining cats and dogs!

5. Dear Friends. For the immediate texts of concern and care. :)

So, thanks everyone for bearing with this post.

Again, be thankful! :)
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