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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Last Saturday, while stuck on traffic, a streamer posted in the overpass caught my eyes.

I wasn't able to take a photo of the streamer,
just this during the event itself.

I went ga-ga after seeing that. I was so excited, that come Monday morning, I kept looking at the clock. Waiting for 9am. When it hit 8:55, I went out immediately and anticipated a long elevator-waiting-time. Hahaha! I wanted to be the first! :p

There were really lots of pairs ON SALE. Some were not my type though. Anyway, let the pictures do the talking. :)

I heart these, but too expensive.
I think it's because of the 'Gisele Bundchen' brand.
This sells for Php700-900, I think.
Flats, ranging from Php400 to Php1200
More pairs at Php400 to Php900
I love colors!
I think these are Php400 per pair.
I really love the one on the left, but it's still mahal for me. Priced at Php800.
The picture doesn't do justice to this pair's violet/purple color.
The strap's like dark pink. Got this for Php400.
I got this first & last pair of plain pink wedge for Php350.
What a steal, right? :)
They also have pairs for MEN.
Php400 per pair
I was supposed to get this for X, but he didn't like red. So, no can do.
This is Php650 na lang.
The sale is on until Friday, August 19. 
Grab a pair! :)
PSEC (Tektite) Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

30 Things To Do Before 30 (as of August)

Need to update this list more often. :)

  • Apply new color to my hair (some close friends told me that my natural hair color is just perfect, so I plan to change this 1st item on my list) Apply washable color to my hair (fair enough?)
  • Travel alone (where to? any suggestions?) WOOHOO!!! Cebu! :)
  • Go to Singapore with (booked for June 2011!) -- can you feel my excitement> :)
  • Cook a 6-course meal for X (soup, salad, main dish - meat & pasta, dessert)
  • Exercise. Jog (1 month now. Yipee!)
  • Try the famous buffet in Makati Shang, Circles or Spirals (Thanks, X!)
  • Go out of town with my cute sister
  • Buy a whole outfit (dress, accessories, bag and a pair of shoes) in one day (DONE! Thanks to Stylebible)
  • Plan a birthday surprise (I did a minor one yesterday)
  • Get a promotion (Kinda DONE, although this is because of my new work)
  • Get a raise (DONE!)
  • Ride the Space Shuttle at Enchanted Kingdom (who wants to join me?) I rode the Battlestar Galactica in Universal Studios, that's enough, right? Hahaha!
  • Go back to Boracay (DONE - January)
  • Go to Puerto Galera (with Xand G(DONE -- Feb 12-13)
  • Try Tamilok in Palawan (I won't be able to this unless I go back to Palawan before my 30th. Too bad)
  • Learn how to clean the bathroom
  • Attend a High School reunion (DONE -- Feb 6, 2011) 
  • Reconnect with S or D (Done, with D. But no follow-ups. I don't think there'll be one soon)
  • Write down at least 100 "5 Things I'm Thankful For" (I did 23 already)
  • Buy a designer bag (let me add: OR receive a designer bag as a gift) (FINE! A replica will do)
  • Take a 1-week leave from work (DONE. Nov 30 to Dec 6!)
  • Have a my-favorite-movies-marathon for a whole day (My Best Friend's Wedding, Up Close & Personal, Clueless, Pay It Forward, Sound of Music, Annie)
  • Buy a new phone (DONE. Unexpectedly the other day. It's cheap, no worries. Hahaha!)
  • Save money enough for a down payment for a real estate property (I find this unattainable, maybe appropriate for my 35 Things To Do Before 35? Hahaha!)
  • Sing ONE (I repeat, ONE!) song loud enough to be heard by X
  • Learn how to cook Adobo and Sinigang
  • Print at least 100 pictures from the past and make a scrapbook
  • (censored. hahaha!)
  • Surprise weekend get-awayI should drive.
  • Win a prize from Cebu Pacific's in-flight (or is on-flight?) games. (I think this will happen during my 'travel alone' time)
  • Go back to Baguio -- This June. :)
  • Say, _ _ _!

5 Things I'm Thankful For #23

It's been 3 weeks since I last posted something here, have I been that busy?

Well, I always wanted to start with the usual "5 Things I'm Thankful For" list before I post some other random things.

So, here goes my current list.

1. iPhone. Oh, you keep me up-to-date with the latest movies. I get to watch films I've missed in the big screen, in my iPhone. :)

2. Ate L. For keeping me awake every morning. Thanks for the coffee. :)

3. Friends. They keep my mornings alive and kicking. They help me start my day with a smile

4. Friends. Real friends. Excited for Davao and Boracay this year. :)

5. My Sister. No specific reason actually, just happy she's here. :)
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