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Thursday, February 23, 2012

My 29th

To all those who remembered, greeted, and called... THANK YOU!!! :)

Anyway, I just read something my sister posted. And really, I was thisclose to tears. Click here to see what she wrote. :)

To my favorite and cute sister, thank you! I'm glad that you appreciate all the efforts, love, care, and everything else I've given you in your 18 years of existence. Hahaha!

Can't wait to see how my day will go today. Wish me luck!

My dear sister, you can make the video for my 30th birthday. Hahaha!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

More Sophia Grace & Rosie

After seeing Sophia Grace & Rosie's Grammy stint for the nth time, I decided to watch their Super Bass video. Then tried to look for more. I saw them singing 'Adele'. They also went for a shopping spree in Toys 'r Us (thanks to Ellen & Nicki Minaj). And the videos keep on piling. Yes, it became an obsession. Hahaha!

It's just to relieving and fun to watch their videos. I love how they get so excited about so many things. When I am feeling a bit down or stressed, I put out my iPhone and watch their Grammy's video. Yes, I've downloaded them from Youtube. It doesn't fail to put a smile on my face. I really they get to be cute and more talented as they grow up. :)

How about you, do you have your own 'go-to-videos'? :)

All these from Ellen

Last Birthday Post :)

Last Birthday post.. Before my birthday. Hahaha!

Even with all the excitement I expressed in the past months and weeks, I just realized the other day that I had no plans for my birthday. On my exact birthday, that is. I already 'celebrated' with the Core team. I will be meeting up with former colleagues on the 24th. I'll be having dinner & drinks with my dear best friend and her best boyfriend on Saturday. But why haven't I planned anything for the 23rd?

What do you suggest? :)

5 Things I'm Thankful For #31

For #26This will be a quick & short '5 Things I'm Thankful For' list.

1. Sophia Grace & Rosie. For making me laugh and squeal for excitement. Moves like Jagger have been playing on my head since I've seen your video. Oh, I should thank Ellen, too, for discovering these wonderful kids.

2. X. For making each V-Day special. For spending the whole Saturday with me. For everything. ;)

3. U! For another wonderful opportunity to be with the kids. For organizing events like U! Kick It Right. For giving us the chance to share our blessings with the kids and learn from them, too.

4. Star Cinema. For 'Unofficially Yours'. For another blockbuster. For the 2 hours of rom-com and witty lines. For JLC. Hahaha!

5. Work. I am challenged every day by new and different tasks. These keeps me sane and takes away boredom from 'work'. Wish ko na lang continuous flow of creative juices. :)

Oh-kay, was that quick? I got carried away. Hahaha!

I think this is quick compared to my upcoming Birthday-Thankful list.

And in case you don't know or haven't realized it yet, it's my birthday on Thursday.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Real Men

The boyfriend is not good with surprises. I believe most men are not keen on surprising.

These men should profusely thank Dove for including them in this 'surprise'.

This is definitely better than a flash mob.

This made me teary-eyed.

This raised the bar for all men and surprises. (Hahaha!)

Amazing Sophia & Rosie

They're so cuuuuute!

Lucky girls! :)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

January Books

I have read several titles from Melissa Hill. And I can say that she provides exciting chick-lit plots. The twists in her novel are really unexpected.

In 'Something From Tiffany's', she again provides the unexpected twists in plot and characters. Making the whole story revolve around this 'Tiffany Solitaire Engagement Ring' makes it somewhat romantic. Tiffany's may be a part of every girl's dreams.

Inside Coca Cola appealed so much to me because of the 'Philippines' factor in the book. The author, Neville Isdell was the CEO of Coca-Cola for four years. His journey to the position was very inspiring. It really showed that hard work and love for the job pays off. Anyway, Isdell was also assigned in the Philippines to work with San Miguel Corporation. Thus, the connection of the book to our beloved country.

I recommend this book to those who are looking for an inspiring book, lessons on people management, and of course the bottling industry.

In a month, I've finished two books. I hope I can finish more in February. Have you finished reading a book also? Let me know if you enjoyed it. Share your favorite titles here. :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

What February Had To Offer (Part I)

Yes, it's my birthmonth. In case you're wondering why I've been writing several posts related to said occasion.

Anyway, I just want to share the things I'll be enjoying and experiencing this February. Thanks to these great deal sites (DealGrocer, CashCashPinoy, Ensogo, and DealDozen) for the great deals (redundant much? Hahaha!)

Culinary Bonding at The Cookery. It was a great experience! So much fun and I've learned how to prepare Chicken Quesadillas & Chili Con Carne. I also realized that it was easy to make cupcakes. We made Chocolate Chili Cupcakes!

Scrabble and four dishes made us stay for almost two hours in Big Bad Wolf. With two vouchers from Deal Dozen, we enjoyed Potato Skins with Boursin Dip and Bacon Wrapped Dorado Fillet (we got it for Php295 only), Fresh Tuna Wraps with Wasabi Mayo and Santol Smoked Pork Belly (at a discounted rate of Php320). A lot, right? I didn't realize that we had so much until the last plate was served. Hahaha!

Well, you guessed it right. I enjoyed thr Potato Skins the most! Yummy! Salty! Peppery! Delicious! I'm definitely trying to cook it myself. Hehe.

So, not to bore you further. I'd have to end this. Till my next blog on 'What February Had To Offer' :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Another TV Series -- Suits

Have you watched Suits? If you haven't, you better check out and download the complete first season.

I really enjoyed watching ALL episodes. Some characters reminded me of White Collar, The Good Wife, and Mad Men. The plot just amazes me. I may have considered taking up Law if I have seen these before filling out those college applications.

Oh, and you'd love Donna. She's such a great secretary/fax whisperer :)
Another TV Series I'm beginning to enjoy is Big Bang Theory. I can describe it as nerdy-funny. It provides useful & useless trivias. It adds humor to your usual boring Math and Science information by delivering it in sort of comic way. I've seen four episodes but I think I'll be able to finish this series (until the 5th season) before February ends. :)

How about you, do you have a new favorite TV show you'd want us to try watching?

Another Birthday Wishlist

Yes! I have more birthday wishes! It won't hurt to dream, right? :)

Being the chocolate and potato lover that I am, I fell in with this Royce creation as soon as we met. It was definitely love at first sight.

And given that I am competitive by nature, I was excited when I saw this smaller version of Cranium. Ooh, I can already picture myself playing and getting competitive with friends. Hahaha!

Lastly (Yes, last na. Promise!), I've been wanting to try Juju Cleanse. I have visited and read their website lots of times already. It's just too expensive for me at these hard and trying times (OA much? :p)

My friends and the boyfriend knows that I will not eat veggies and other healthy food items unless a gun is pointed at me. Hahaha! I love eating meat, fish, seafood, junk food, chocolates. I think this would be the perfect time to push me to drink veggie-mixed drinks and some other healthy drinks. It's perfect time to give my body some rest and cleansing. So, if you care about my health, let's chip in so I can afford this Juju Cleanse. Hahaha! Or better yet, join ToT Juju Giveaway and if you win, I hope you donate your prize to me as birthday charity. Hahaha!

So there. Just in case you haven't picked my gift from my previous wishlist yet. Or maybe you are just being extra super duper generous and decided to buy me another gift. ;)

Again, for now, I can only dream. :)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Places I'd Love to Visit

If you're expecting beaches, tourist spots, the Eiffel Tower, Mt. Mayon, Boracay, and the likes, you're in the wrong blog post. Hahaha!

I came across this website through a friend's 'share' in Facebook.

I was in awe seeing these beautiful and huge bookstores all over the world. They posted TOP 20, but here are my favorites. :)


Beijing, China

Brussels, Belgium


Paris, France


Rome, Italy

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Aren't these bookstores amazing? It is definitely a great place to see, but I think I'll be having a hard time choosing which book to buy with so many books to choose from. Hahaha!

Friday, February 3, 2012

It's really February na!

I ordered books from The Book Depository on January 1. What a great way to start 2012, right? :) Well, anyway the books only arrived Feb 1. I know, exactly a month after I ordered. I think it really takes 2-6 weeks for items you've ordered online, especially it comes from a different continent.

So anyway, I'd like to share my thoughts on TBD.

(+) points
- they have a wide selection of titles. As in, you'd go gaga and you'd have a hard time choosing which book to order first. (I ordered 4!)
- NO SHIPPING FEE! This is superb considering the books are shipped from UK.
- Offer books at the same price with out local bookstores or sometimes cheaper if the book's on sale.
- Books are packaged separately in a bubblewrap-packaging-material, which avoids or at least lessens the folding/tearing/damaging/etc of the books.
- They ship the books as soon as they're available. So, you do not have to wait for all titles in your order to become available.

(-) points
- it takes weeks/months for the books to arrive at your doorstep. I have yet to receive the two other books I ordered.
- TBD sends the books through Royal Mail, which then sends the shipment to the Philippines. Your package cannot be easily tracked.

So there. Absolutely amazing, right? I have many books to read yet so many books in my TBD cart waiting to be paid. Hahaha! Oh, did you know my birthday's on the 23rd? Maybe you can buy some of the books in my wishlist na. Hahaha!

I hope encouraged you to visit TBD or just visit my favorite National Bookstore to buy some books. :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentines Date Giveaway

Lots of giveaway this February, eh? :)

Just perfect for your quick V-Day getaway, win a romantic dinner for two (2) from Trip or Treats and Hotel Elizabeth!

Read more here!

Image from ToT

Couples Cleanse Giveaway

I've been wanting to try JuJu cleanse for months now. I've been procrastinating and making excuses not to push through with it.

So, what a delight that on the first day of my birth month, I chanced upon this fabulous Couples Cleanse Giveaway from Trip or Treats.

Read more about it here.

photo from ToT

I really want to win this giveaway (Please... Even if I don't win anything else for the whole 2012). This would be perfect for my #JourneyTo120 goal. :)

And I think doing this with the boyfriend will really motivate me and keep me on track during the whole cleansing period. :)

So, click on the links and join TripOrTreats Giveaway now! Good luck to us!
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