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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My ZALORA Wishlist

With our hectic schedules, crowded malls, and highly-congested roads, I find comfort in online shopping.

Forget the days when you can only buy generic or no-brand items from Multiply.  We now have a one-stop-shop which carries most of the brands I patronize.

Zalora. They cater to clients addicted to shoes, clients on a budget, and clients like me who doesn't enjoy going through several racks of clothes.

I have tried Zalora's service twice already. My first experience was simply amazing. I ordered around 7pm, and was surprised to get a call to confirm my order shortly after I placed my order, and got my pair of shoes lunch time the following day. How great is that, right? :)

I've been browsing Zalora these past few days and have been eyeing several items. I have placed these in my "to-buy-soon" folder. These kinda keeps me motivated to work harder and save up. :)

So imagine my excitement when I got Nuffnang's email for their Zalora Wishlist Contest. I was ecstatic!!!

I had a hard time trimming down my Wishlist. I think it took me hours weighing the pros and cons of each item. So, finally, I came up with these. :)

1. W Low V Back Dress in RED.

2. W V Back Lace Short Dress in BLACK.

These dresses are so glam and fab. Put on a blazer on top of the red dress, and you can wear it to work. Strip off the blazer for a quick night-out with the girls. :)

The black lace dress would be an addition (and an improvement) on my oh-so-dull closet which are usually filled with cotton tops, jeans and shirts. I think I can even wear this on an upcoming friend's wedding.

3. Chic-Chic Pink Coloured Necklace

My sister rarely wears accessories. I want her to love my girly stuffs, too. So I'm buying her this cute pink necklace. This necklace is so adorable that I know she wouldn't resist not wearing it.

4. Lulu Clutch In Satin

This would be perfect with my Black Lace Dress.

5. Lulu Sling Bag with Quilt Design 

I love how this would fit my everyday lifestyle. This will serve as a holder of my wallet, mobile phones, and lip gloss. I do not want to carry my huge carry-all bags everywhere I go. I guess this sling bag is perfect for quick trips to the mall, or even out of town trips. Do you agree? :)

So, that's it for me. I really hope I win this Zalora Wishlist Contest. :)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dreams, etc.

I've been wanting to go to the beach for weeks now. Dreaming actually. And this post is purely about dreams. Superficial at that. Mababaw really.

I want to go to the beach

I want an LV Neverfull Medium bag
I dream of having a car
I dream of living independently in a condo (or an apartment) before I get married (soon, i also hope)
I want an iPad
I want to go to Europe (for a month or two)
I want to buy a pair of Stella Luna heels

I dream of owning a pair of diamond studded earrings
I want to buy Shu Uemura's cleansing oil
I dream of meeting Patty Or Frances, the ladies behind the blogs I frequent.
I want to have a shopping spree in National Bookstore

I have a lot, right? :)

How about you, what have you been wanting / dreaming / lusting / wishing these past few days? :)

Friday, April 20, 2012

Something Financial

I'm not a finance guru. I'm merely a BS Math graduate who didn't have the chance to practice my degree after graduation.

Anyway, this post isn't actually related to math. I just want to share some thoughts on management of finances.

Again, I'm no guru. These are just personal experiences and observations.

"I just don't believe in online banking. Particularly in paying my bills online." 

Someone told me recently. This bothered me. I am in the business of being an 'avenue' to clients with no online access to pay their bills, to buy prepaid load, to book their flights and the likes. How do I convince this someone to 'trust' the bank's online system (whichever bank he chooses)? I was like, "I know you know that soon over the counter transactions will be obsolete, everything will be online already, so why not go with online banking now?"

He just smiled. He explains further, "I don't feel safe. It's like my money will be 'lost' when I pay online."

So, I want to know how do people really feel about online banking. Do you pay your bills online? What other transactions do you do online?

Help me enlighten this person by posting comments. Try convincing him to go online. Or if you feel otherwise, side with him and convince me. :)

Share those thoughts!

P.S. I know this post seems bitin, I can't seem to find a way on how to end this or rather how to organize my thoughts. Hehe. ;)

March Books

Another delayed post. :(

Due to super busy schedule in March, I was only able to finish two books.

Both from the babylon series of Imogen Edwards-Jones.

I ordered these from The Book Depository. :)

I enjoyed Hotel Babylon more because it focused more on what service is provided inside the hotel. Whereas, Air Babylon was more detailed in the operations inside the airport.
Have you read any of the Babylon series? I'd be happy to lend them to you if you want to read them. :)

Now I'm checking my book shelves. A lot of books waiting to be read. Ugh, where do I begin? Haha! It's past mid-April and I haven't even gone half-past my first book. What's happening to me? I really need to find time, maybe an hour each day to read books. That sounds nice, right? :)

It's So Hot!!!

It's been sooooo hot since March came in, right? It feels like you're entering an oven when you go outside when the sun's up.

These past few days, especially after Holy Week, I've been daydreaming a lot. I've been imagining myself laid out on the sands of Boracay enjoying the sun. Yes, I'd enjoy the heat if I'm on the beach. But in the middle of the bustling metro, where you're usually in a short-sleeved blouse and slacks, it has become unbearable!

This morning, I almost didn't recognize a colleague of mine because she was sporting a boycut (is that the term?) hairdo. Yesterday, her hair was long, even below her shoulders. She can't stand the heat, she tried to explain.

I can't imagine myself sporting a super short hair, even if the weather goes up to 45 (?). Mainit na nga, panget pa ko? Hahaha!

So now I'm thinking of things to do to fight the heat off. Is beach-dreaming for now? Should I work overtime to enjoy the airconditioning in the office? Do I break my diet and indulge myself in a huge glass of halo-halo? Should I take a leave and head to the beach? (Yes, a leave because I don't want to spend a day in the beach with LOTS of people. You know how it is during weekends in resorts nowadays, right?)

How about you, what do you plan to do to enjoy the summer heat? :)

February Books

Yes, another delayed post. Anyway, I'm happy to announce that I've finished Stieg Larsson's trilogy in month. I was even able to squeeze in the movie adaptation of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. :)

Anyway, I loved all books. I was even sad when I learned that Larsson's passed away. Who'll finish his 4th book? As of this writing, it's still under debate.

I liked how he put in the mystery, technology and other scheme-y things in all three books. I fancy those scheme-y types of novels, especially in the movies. Not that I have an intention to rob a bank, but I really enjoy watching movies with robbing/hacking/security/etc plot...
Back to the book, although I loved all books, I found the first book really disturbing. When I watched the movie, I couldn't help but click on fast-forward when it came to Lisbeth Salander's rape scene. Ugh! The image is coming back again. :(

The plot as a whole was really exciting. Bringing you back and forth to the past and present. I just had a hard remembering all the names. There were a lot of characters involved! Especially in the first book where most belonged to the Vanger family.

I am no 'book reviewer'. I hope you weren't bored with my so-called book review. Hahaha!

Have you read any of Larsson's books? I suggest you try to read it now, it may be boring at first but believe me, it will get better. As you leaf another page, it just gets better. :)

Feel free to share your thoughts on the books. Would love to know how you felt after reading the books. :)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

5 Things I'm Thankful For #33

And because I need 60+ more before Feb 2013, I need to find time also to write down my 5ThingsList. :)

1. Burger Shop. It keeps me sane at times when I want to bang my head on my desk. With all the thinking, the reports, the proposals, and the emails, I'm entitled to a few minutes of fun & relaxation, right? :)

2. Ensogo. Yes, for helping me back into shape. I really hope this helps. We'll post updates soon.

3. Movies and TV Series. For keeping us alive during Holy Week. Unlike our younger years where only The Ten Commandments is being shown, thank God for laptops and eztv for the downloads.

4. Linden Suites. For the promo rate, for a big suite. Sa wakas, matutuloy na din ang 'outing' namin!

5. Gretchen Rubin. Author of The Happiness Project. I've read the first few pages, and I'm already inspired to 'change' my life. I can do this with the help of your book. So now, back to reading. Hehe :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

5 Things I'm Thankful For #32

Now, I'm counting. I have around 10 months to go before my 30th and I am only writing my 32nd "5 Things" now. This means I have 68 "5 Things" to write in 40-42 weeks. Yikes!

Haaay, I've been busy these past few weeks and have missed out on thanking several people.

1. X!!! Thank you for 7 years (and counting!)... Ups and downs. Highs and lows. I know we'd be together no matter what. I love you! :)
The short walk (in these pebbled path) relaxes
and somewhat massages your feet, they said. :)
2. Draw Something. Yeah! Keeps the "artistic" in me alive! Hahaha! I had to pick a few of my favorites. :)

3. E. For the Vietnam trip. And Cebu Pacific for the free trip to Bacolod. :)

In Saigon. :)
4. Mike Ross. You're my next back-up guy, next to Auggie (of Covert Affairs). Hahaha!
Auggie! :)
Mike Ross!

5. U! Happy Events. For the 120+ opportunities, allowing volunteers to help and reach out to different kids and their communities. :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

U! Paint My Future!!!

Join us for another great and fun-filled event organized by U! Happy Event!

See you on May 12!

Visit U! Happy Event's Facebook page for more details. :)

It's My Birthday!

WARNING: This is a SUPER (x100) delayed post. I forgot that it was still in my draft folder. Hahaha!


I'm now 29! :)

With the months and days of excitement build-up, my day went well. It was actually great. Since I wasn't really expecting any surprise from anyone, I was easily surprised by several people.

It was more like a week-long celebration. Hahaha!

U! Core team (and Iceberg). For the improvised cake.

X. Thanks for the first birthday greeting. Exactly 12:00. :)
20th floor boys & girls. For the Sugarhouse cake.

AFM Ladies. For the Starbucks mug & healthy Malunggay Shing-a-ling :)
Ebiz HR. For the 'surprise' happy birthday song & slice of cake.
Ayen & Manny. For the super unexpected flowers.

DealGrocer. For the sulit deal for Goodies n Sweets.

Pam Cinco of Risa's Chocolates. Yes, this certainly made my morning complete. :) (which btw is another DealGrocer treat)

My cute & sweet sister. For the surprise & thoughtful post. And for the 'creative' something now hung on my cabinet.

Te & Glenn. For dropping by & celebrating my birthday. And for Cranium! :)
AtCeline. For your unsual & unexpected presence. Hahaha!
BDO friends (mostly ex-). For the cake, chikas, & company on the day after my birthday.
Jernee & Glenn. For bringing back our Saturdate. :)

Xerxes (again). For another birthday gift. For being with me during all those 'celebrations' with different sets of friends :)

For everyone who remembered.
For everyone who remembered and texted.
For everyone who remembered and called.
For everyone who remembered and posted on my wall.
For everyone who remembered and tweeted.
For everyone who were reminded by facebook and greeted.
For everyone who cared and made an effort to make my day more special.

Thank you.

Till next year. My 30th. :)


My first major event with the company. :)

Thank God for a successful event, which made our cramming, long days & nights, stress-driven preparations so worth it.

I am looking forward to 2013's party!!!

It was extra "stress"-ful for me on the day of the event itself as I was tasked to host part of the program. I may not appear to be shy with friends and colleagues, but put me in front of a huge audience and I might just freeze (Thank God I didn't!). Hahaha!

Again, let the pictures do the talking.:p

The Venue. AFP Commissioned Officer's Club.
Camp Aguinaldo

The fun kick-off team! (not-in-photo: Irish)
Yes, we got this documented. REWARD MORE! :)
with Mr. President
Ang saya ko diba? Hahaha!
Yuck #1 - Double Chin
Yuck #2 - Underarm shot. Hahaha!

We'll miss you, too, Amy!
Yes, kailangan may solo. Hahaha!
Thanks Funlipix for the photobooth!
Pilitan mag-Photobooth
Tres Marias. The Organizers. The Team. The Girls. :)
I miss these guys already...

I'm Back!

Yes, I'm back.

I am not sure what has happened to me the past weeks, why I was unable to blog even for a bit. Hahaha!

Anyway, please await upcoming posts. I'm quite sure I have lots of happenings and things to share. :)

Have a great week!
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