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Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010. Welcome 2011!

I can say that 2010 is my toughest year.

I'd like to thank all my friends for being there through thick & thin, high & low, happy & sad.

Thank you for bearing with my drama, my, stories, my whining, my all. :)

Looking forward to a more fun, more fruitful, and more ice-breaking moments with you guys.

Happy New Year!

2011, bring it on! :)

Thank you, Marlboro

A few months back, PMFTC (Philip Morris) sent us (the participants) a CD of the pictures and videos taken during ‘The Marlboro eXperience’ (TMX) event.

When I saw this picture, I was really sure that it was me in the photo. But some of my friends didn’t believe me. Anyone can claim naman daw na sila un, with the mask and helmet on. Hahaha!

Then today, after receiving a couple of daily newsletters (and I really mean daily) from Marlboro, I was surprised to see a familiar face in the header (mast head?) of the newsletter.

I wanted to shout, AKO YAN!!!”

For fun, I forwarded the newsletter to some of my friends just to prove that it was really me. Well, with the high-res photo, no one now can deny that it’s really me! (And how many times do I need to say the line, “It’s really me!”? Hahaha!)

I don’t know why, but the newsletter made me smile.

Thank you, Marlboro, for the post-Christmas gift.

100th Post: Birthdays & Surprises

It’s almost the end of 2010.

If you know me too well, you know that as early as the start of –ber months, I am already way thinking ahead. I am already thinking about my birthday.

Some people get excited about Christmas. Some loves Valentines Days. Others like to dress up on Halloween.

Me, I have a thing for birthdays.

I get uber-excited for birthdays. My own birthday. My best friend’s birthday. My officemate’s birthday. Everyone’s birthday.

I plan ahead. Like in the office, I usually initiate the collecting of funds to buy a decent birthday cake. We try to surprise the celebrant (even though she’s expecting the surprise na) as much as we could.

I believe that since it is someone’s birthday, he or she should be treated well. Not only well, but really special.

There are downsides for my uber-excitement for my birthday though. I tend to expect too much. Well, not too much. I just expect. Period.

I expect people (especially my friends) to remember my birthday. And for me to know that they remember, I expect a greeting.

Given the various ways of reaching me, I don’t see any reason why someone is not able to greet me on my special day. I have two mobile numbers, Friendster, Multiply, Facebook, and Yahoo Mail. My birthday can be seen in Friendster and Facebook. I believe our yahoo group sends a birthday reminder on the day itself. My birthday can also be seen in our office’s intranet. So, can you blame me if sometimes I make tampo to those who forget to greet me?

When I expect something and it does not happen, I get sad and frustrated. But after a few hours or days, I am back to my old expecting self. I look forward to my next birthday. I wish that something great would happen on my next birthday.

In addition to loving birthdays, I also love surprises. To preparing a surprise for someone and to be surprised.

I am yet to be surprised. Big time. (Get the hint!)

*Did this post make sense? I just wanted to say something, you know. Hahaha!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

5 Things I'm Thankful For #13

It's my 13th 5TITF (pinilit talaga gawan ng acronym? hahaha!) post.

Let me just say my week started right.

What's the best way to start your week right? Make it a holiday! :)

Well, let me get to my 5 Things already...

1. Lunches, Dinners, Coffees, etc. I know this results to additional pounds, but the endless talks and laughters with my dear friends and colleagues are all worth it. (I just need to exercise more come January. Hehe.)

2. Again, my dear Best Couple Friend. We had the best tapas last night. ('Coz it was our first time to try it. Hahaha!) Nevertheless, had so much fun with you guys last night that it deserves another spot here in my 5TITF list. :)

3. Holidays. Thank you for the extra day-off. (Though I'm dreading 2011 because the current administration will not be practicing holiday economics anymore. *sigh*)

4. Friends, officemates, etc. For the Christmas gifts I received the past week. (Keep it coming! Hahaha!)

5. My Brother, J. It's his birthday today. I know we do not get along well, but I'm sometimes thankful he is here. My reason? I really don't know. (Labo ba?)

How about you? Do you have anyone to thank today? :)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Here Tishie Tishie's First Giveaway!!!

One of the blogs I follow is doing a Post-Christmas (New Year?) Giveaway.

I haven't met her personally, but I hope I do soon.

If you have time, join Tishie's First Giveaway to win this beauty loot

Photo from Here Tishie Tishie
Merry Christmas! :)

5 Things I'm Thankful For #12

Since Christmas has just ended, and we're only a few days away in bidding 2010 good-bye.

I'd like to do a Things I'm Thankful For This 2010.

1. X. For simply being there. For shaking my world. For reminding me that I can be better. For being patient with me. For the endless laughters. For everything. I love you.

2. My Cute Sister. For your touching post (click here to read more). For following almost all my bilins. For being so matipid. 

3. My bestfriend, J. For being a shoulder (or an ear?) to cry on. For the endless chikahans. For making every get-together worthwhile. For just being there.

4. Our Best Couple Friend, J & G. For making Coron an ice-breaking trip. For our regular dinners and post-dinner lakads. For listening to my rants and tantrums.

5. My friend, ex-officemate and officemate, T. For our never-ending IPs. For sharing the latest happenings about everyone we know. For listening to my happy anecdotes, my office rants, my bloopers, my everything.

6. Stylebible. For the biggest and most wonderful prize I have received this year. :)

7. Blogs (Chronicles of Vanity, Mommy Fleur, Topaz HorizonHere Tishie Tishie, Ooh La La, Ems Express). I don't know you all personally but I really read your blogs. Most of your posts inspire me to believe in things, in true love, in happy endings, and other good things. Continue sharing your stories and blessings to us, readers.

For everyone who, in one way or the other, is part of my 2010.
To someone who smiled at me.
To someone who sent me a nice-to-read email, or SMS.
To someone who has helped me with work.
To someone who gave me a piece of mint.
To someone who stood by me.
To someone who said hi.
Basta to everyone.

Thank you.


I have so many thoughts running in my mind right now.

That I can't seem to write it down, type it or say it loud.

I don't know why, but lately I've been so tamad to do things.

I don't see the worth of what I'm doing.

I'm not talking of a particular thing here, but I just feel bored.

This is why I'm so looking forward to December 31.

This marks the end of 2010.

A year that shook my world hard.

Hard enough that I almost fell.

Strong enough that I almost lost it.

I am really hoping for a good 2011.

Not expecting anything grand.

Just plain good is fine with me.

So please, 2011, be nice. :)

*This is non-sense post. I'm just pouring my heart out. :)

Merry Christmas, dear readers!
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