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Friday, June 24, 2011

One Rainy Night, in a bookstore

(klooj) n. Slang A clumsy or inelegant solution to a problem.

While waiting for the rain to stop, I decided to spend time in my favorite store in any mall. National Bookstore. :)

I thought to myself: "If I'm going to be stranded due to flooding and heavy rains, I might as well have with me a good book to read. :)"

I already had 3 books on hand when I went upstairs (Btw, I was in NBS Bestsellers in Galleria) to check out more bargain books.

Then I came across this yellow (striking, isn't it?) book. Actually, a girl was also holding another copy of it which got me curious. So, I checked it out.

At the back, it says:
How is it that we can recognize photos from our high school yearbook decades later but cannot remember what we ate for breakfast yesterday? And why are we inclined to buy more cans of soup if the sign says Limit 12 per customer rather than Limit 4 per customer? In Kluge, Gary Marcus puts the burden squarely on evolution.
It was actually the 2nd line that struck me. Maybe this is the solution to my pity buys. Haven't you been a "victim" of the group-buying mayhem? In mega-tent / super-sale / big bazaar events? Hahaha!

I'll let you know if it is indeed a good read. :)

Aside from these books, I also bought the newest book of the Privilege series.
And two of my Cute Sister's Birthday Book Wishlist.

Sayang, if I only won in Chuvaness Clean & Clear contest, I could have gotten these books also.

These got me curious, too. It's in the Science Fiction section.
Any idea if it's any good? :)
Oh, I almost forgot. I also bought the latest (July)  YES! Magazine

Stay dry and safe, everyone! :) 

Thursday, June 23, 2011


I always wanted to be a princess. (Just a random thought. Hahaha!)

The closest I can get to being a princess is having my King. Labo, eh di Queen na ko? Hahaha!

Anyway, I just wanted to do a segue to introduce my current favorite TV Series.


Title is derived from its main character, Richard Castle.

It's more like a CSI-type series, with a hint of White Collar (due to some of the characters' wit and humor), plus Covert Affairs.

You should watch it, and let me know what you think. :)

Random Thoughts

Given the name of my blog, I should be posting random thoughts, right? :)

Are random pictures accepted? Hahaha!

My first ever luggage :)

Free snacks when you travel Victory Liner Deluxe (to Baguio)

Ain't she a cutie? :)

I'm Glad We're Sisters

My sister's birthday is coming up in a few weeks.

And she posted this on her tumblr.

So, I'm glad we're not friends. We're sisters!


I love you!!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

5 Things I Am Thankful For #21

It's been a while since I last posted an entry. It was surely a busy month, make that months. And I am expecting a lot more of these busy-ness days in the coming months. Till the end of the year. Hahaha!

Well, anyway, here's my list of things to be thankful for. :)

1. Greenhills. Ooh, I missed you. And I surely showed how much I missed you when I bought 2 bags (and about to buy 1 more), and a few pieces of clothes. Hahaha!

2. Travel. Yes, I love to travel. And I love it more if I can travel for free. So, thank you to E as well for giving me the opportunity to travel. :)

3. For the Chelsea treat, and for allowing me to meet other food bloggers. Now, I just feel so amateur and I feel motivated to UP my food blog entries in OpenRice.

4. X, and my best couple friends. We've been doing an every other week movie and dinner dates. Is this a routine I'm seeing? I love hanging out with you guys. Love it that we agree to drink and dine in a place that's not that noisy, smoke-less, and not so crowded. Are we getting old? Hahaha!

5. Yaya Fe. It's been years (more than 10 years, I think) when I last saw my Yaya here in Manila. When I went to Cebu, I made sure to meet up with her and catch up. Thank you for treating me as your alaga again, and accompanying me to Taboan market to buy Danggit. Thank you also for taking care of me during my younger years, I owe you a lot. :)

Happy Sunday everyone! Let's go out, call someone, send an SMS or email a long-lost friend to show your gratitude. :)

30 Things (as of June)

Need to update this list more often. :)

  • Apply new color to my hair (some close friends told me that my natural hair color is just perfect, so I plan to change this 1st item on my list) Apply washable color to my hair (fair enough?)
  • Travel alone (where to? any suggestions?) WOOHOO!!! Cebu! :)
  • Go to Singapore with (booked for June 2011!) -- can you feel my excitement> :)
  • Cook a 6-course meal for X (soup, salad, main dish - meat & pasta, dessert)
  • Exercise. Jog (1 month now. Yipee!)
  • Try the famous buffet in Makati Shang, Circles or Spirals (Thanks, X!)
  • Go out of town with my cute sister
  • Buy a whole outfit (dress, accessories, bag and a pair of shoes) in one day (DONE! Thanks to Stylebible)
  • Plan a birthday surprise (I did a minor one yesterday)
  • Get a promotion (Kinda DONE, although this is because of my new work)
  • Get a raise (DONE!)
  • Ride the Space Shuttle at Enchanted Kingdom (who wants to join me?)
  • Go back to Boracay (DONE - January)
  • Go to Puerto Galera (with Xand G(DONE -- Feb 12-13)
  • Try Tamilok in Palawan (I won't be able to this unless I go back to Palawan before my 30th. Too bad)
  • Learn how to clean the bathroom
  • Attend a High School reunion (DONE -- Feb 6, 2011) 
  • Reconnect with S or D (Done, with D. But no follow-ups. I don't think there'll be one soon)
  • Write down at least 100 "5 Things I'm Thankful For" (I did 18 already)
  • Buy a designer bag (let me add: OR receive a designer bag as a gift) (FINE! A replica will do)
  • Take a 1-week leave from work (DONE. Nov 30 to Dec 6!)
  • Have a my-favorite-movies-marathon for a whole day (My Best Friend's Wedding, Up Close & Personal, Clueless, Pay It Forward, Sound of Music, Annie)
  • Buy a new phone (DONE. Unexpectedly the other day. It's cheap, no worries. Hahaha!)
  • Save money enough for a down payment for a real estate property (I find this unattainable, maybe appropriate for my 35 Things To Do Before 35? Hahaha!)
  • Sing ONE (I repeat, ONE!) song loud enough to be heard by X
  • Learn how to cook Adobo and Sinigang
  • Print at least 100 pictures from the past and make a scrapbook
  • (censored. hahaha!)
  • Surprise weekend get-awayI should drive.
  • Win a prize from Cebu Pacific's in-flight (or is on-flight?) games. (I think this will happen during my 'travel alone' time)
  • Go back to Baguio -- This June. :)
  • Say, _ _ _!

Food Post!

My Cebu trip was packed with food! It's hard to travel alone as you are to decide on your own where to eat. It's a make or break thing. If you don't love the food you ordered, you'd have to suck it up and finish it. There's no one else to share a bite or finish it up for you. Hahaha! The disadvantage of traveling alone, huh? :p

Well, I tried out different restos for the sake of trying. Here's a preview. :)

From L-R: Double Chocolate Mousse, Fish & Chips (both from Dessert Factory in Ayala Mall), Chocolate Moist Cake (from The Tinder Box, in Mactan Airport)

You have any dish you can recommend when traveling to Cebu? Oh, aside from their famous Cebu Lechon ha. :)

This June, I Will Travel.

June 2011 is a bit packed for me. I love to travel, and this is one of the perks with my job. I get to travel at times. :)

Few weeks ago, I went to Cavite. Okay, it's not that far. But it's still out of town and the place we stayed in had a great pool. And food was yummy and not that expensive. Too bad, I only had to stay one day for the training session.

My first few days of June were spent in Cebu! Not that satisfied with my Inn, bearable though. 3 days of alone time. Ticking off "travel alone" in my 30 Things.

Next stop, Singapore! For pleasure, though. I'm a bit scared and nervous as it is the Great Singapore Sale. I hope I don't get overly excited when I see discounted gadgets everywhere I look. Hahaha!

Few more trips in line before I end June. Baguio and Naga.

Oh, did I say I love June? I love June! :)

How about you, any trips planned in the coming months? :)

Movies to Watch (2011)

Sorry, these are not trailers or previews of movies to be shown this 2011.

These are movies I've been wanting to watch, but simply had no enough time.

I'm including these flicks in my bucket list for 2011.

I need to watch these movies before 2011 ends. And when I say watch, I really mean WATCH, from end to end! :)

Mind you, dears, there are still a LOT of movies I need to watch but I think it can spill over in my 2012. Hahaha!
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