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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Randomness From Random Me

Applies to Shopaholic Series. To some Nicholas Sparks books.
To Bob Ong. To my other chick-lit books.
Our future room. I wish!
Yes, sister dear, I'll work harder (and please study harder)
so we can have this built! :)

5 Things I'm Thankful For #23

Do you agree with me? Well, you should. :)

Here goes my list:

1. U! For the opportunity they're giving us, normal people, to help others (especially the kids). You want to join their next event? Visit U! Happy Events to know more. :)

2. Covert Affairs and White Collar. You make my Sundays bearable, and something to look forward to.
I so love Auggie! For a blind guy, he'll make the CSI people eat dust.
Uhmm, no offense meant for Danny Messer, though. :)

Loving this pair already. :)

3. E! Aside from the various travels in the past months, events naman these past and coming days. Honestly, I've been enjoying every single day working for the company. :)

4. Army Navy. Gosh, have you tried their Breakfast Burrito? To. Die. For. That's all I can say.
Yes, I'm addicted to this.
Can you offer half-servings, please? :)

5. I! Is this post about single letters? Hahaha! Anyway, I'm so glad I have a new phone already! :)

Thank you. :)

I Almost Cried

Well, I think my dad would have cried first. If we were really being sentimental and emotional on my dear sister's 18th birthday.

My dad, browsing my sister's photo albums.
Getting teary-eyed, I think.

It's like we don't have a kid in the anymore. But mind you, we still call her 'Baby'. Hahaha!

Anyway, my sister posted something about the "I Almost Cried" incident last Saturday.

Sheesh, I miss our younger days...

And I Love Her So...

Do I need words to describe my deepest and unconditional love for my dearest sister?

Read here to know more. :)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Wish Granted.

Oh, make that wishes. Emphasis on the "S" please. :)

Ok now, can someone please award me with "The BEST-EST SISTER AWARD!"?

When my sister posted her birthday wishlist, I know I can get her most (if not all).

So, a few days after she told the whole world what she wants to receive for her birthday, I bought here these:
Uhmm, not ALL. But as of last night, I got her 4 (or is it 5) already.
The same time I bought Me and Mr.Darcy, I got her this, too:

I even joined Patty's blog contest, I might win a WATCH for my dearest sister.
(Patty, if you're reading this. Please make me win just in time for my sister's birthday tomorrow - the 16th)

Lastly (Not really. But for this blog post, it's the last), I've been waiting for IT to arrive for two weeks now. I was really hoping that it comes before my sister's birthday. And today's the last working day of the week, I kept on following it up with our IT team. Come 4:58pm, I was packing up already and lost hope of getting it today. (Maybe next week na lang, I thought to myself).

I was about to shut down my laptop already, when someone said to me, "Ma'am, matutuwa po kayo kasi dumating na po." I shrieked. For real! Hahaha!

Anyway, pa-suspense muna. (Although I think you can easily guess what 'arrived' naman, maarte lang ako. Hahaha!). This is about my sister, her birthday, her gifts. :)
Happy Birthday!
Yes, you can have my iPod Touch already. :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Toughest Interview Questions

Got the toughest (IMO) from their list, click here to read the full article. :)

"How many volts does it take to power an offshore rig?" -- For an engineering internship.
"If you had to change a tire how would you do it?" -- For a mechanical engineering position.
Red Ventures
"If you were an animal, what animal would you be?" -- For a regional account representative. --- Is this a beauty pageant?
"Tell me a joke." -- For a sales agent. ---Buti na lang, funny person ako. Hahaha!
A.T. Kearney
"What companies in the Polish energy sector do you know?" -- For a business analyst position.
"How big is the market size for wheelchairs in Shanghai?" -- For a business analyst position.
Palantir Technologies
"You have a 10x10x10 rubix cube. You paint the outside. How many cubes have paint on them?" -- For an embedded analyst position. ---Wait, I'm still counting.
"You are outside a room. Inside the room there are two light bulbs. One light bulb is on all the time, the other light bulb only turns on when you open the door. How do you determine which light bulb is on all the time?" -- For an engineering position.
Boston Consulting
"Why do you like singing?" -- For a consulting associate. ---Because I am good at it. Hahaha!
Bain & Company
"Help me estimate how many car dealerships there are in the United States." -- For a consultant position.
"What is the revenue of an inner city Sydney gym?" -- For an associate consultant position.
"How is the pothole formed?" -- For a science position.
"How many barbers would you need in a city of 1 million?" -- For a process engineer. ---Baka trick question 'to. Paano kung kalbo pala un 500k? Hahaha!
Jane Street Capital
"What's 26 times 27?" -- For a capital trader position. ---Can I use my calculator? :)
"What is the expected number of flips of a coin to simulate a six-sided die?" -- For a capital assistant trader position.
McKinsey & Company
"A Canadian beer manufacturer notices that when they increase the price of beer, other drinks' consumption goes up. How will you predict the change in quantity bought based on change in price?" -- For an analytics specialist.
"A mom-and-pop music shop wants to grow with stiff competition. How should they go about it? Calculate customer lifetime value." -- For a marketing professional.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

No Good-byes, Just See You Later

I'd like to dedicate this post to a dear friend, F. Hahaha!
At least now I know someone's looking forward to my new posts. :p

Well, I really don't have anything to write about today.

So, just an extension of my "Things to be thankful for", 

I am thankful for dear friends.
Dear friends whom I shared office cubicles with.
Wonderful friends whom I shared pandesal, pancit canton, bacon, Chic-boy, Buddy's, Amber's with.
Special friends who enjoyed the birthday cakes I ordered from Sugarhouse, Purple Oven, and Red Ribbon.

Even though we have "semi"-parted ways, I know we'll always be friends.

Yuck, ang cheesy lang, no? :p
Wala talagang masabi. Hahaha!

But really, I'm thankful that I have these extreme friends. Who I know I can count on for anything. :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

5 Things I'm Thankful For #22

For my 22nd "5 Things", I think I can come up with more than five. :)

In no particular order, and very limited explanation, here goes my grateful list.

1. Dear sister. For being such a dear and great one. You're the greatest, actually. :)

2. CashCashPinoy. Spirals Buffet for 50% off! :D

3. Globe. Oh, I'm just excited. Hahaha!

4. U! Happy Events. For the opportunity they're giving people (like me) to help KIDS from different groups.

Do you want to join U! Event on July 16?
Visit their Facebook page to learn more.

5. Castle. You made my Bicol trip exciting. Hahaha!

6. Teeyah. For "2011: The Year So Far" post. I am tempted to do this. I'm just mustering more energy and gathering the time I need to reflect on my 1st great half of 2011. :)

7. X. Thank you. <3

8. Best Couple Friends. For our bi-monthly dates. Movies. Dinners. Coffee Drinks.

Miss our group already. Too bad we can't make it this Sat. :(
9. National Bookstore. Especially the NB Bestseller branch in Galleria. You make me bankrupt, but it's all worth it when I get to read the books I bought from your store. :)
Finally, a paperback edition. (source)

How about you, anyone you want to thank today? :)
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