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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

5 Things I'm Thankful For #19

Happy Wednesday!

I can't believe it's Wednesday pa lang. It seems like quota na ko work-wise, yesterday pa.. But again, who's complaining? Hahaha! I have to be thankful for so many things. Really.

1. Cebu Pacific. You're keeping me insane these past few days. I left my previous company dealing with you, and now with my new company, it's like "Oh, it's you again!" Hahaha! But really, I'm loving all the challenges this project has given me.

2. Pressure. It's only now that I am enjoying this, and am thankful for this. I hope now lang talaga, ayoko na maulit. Hahaha! Good thing working with a great boss, and learning so much. 

3. X. For our conversations in your car on our way to different places. I'm happy that we can talk about anything, from what happened to our day to the Willing Willie controversy to politics to the latest Mcdo commercial to the things YOU want to buy to Glenn's The Shack recommendation to really non-sense things. :)

4. J. Dalawa na lang tayo eh, di pa ba ako magiging thankful sayo? Hahaha! Really, thank you for always being there. For our usual dinners to our movie dates, really enjoy spending time with our best couple friend.

5. My Sister. Thank you for cleaning my room, tidying up my closet, and for fixing my stuffs. (Thanks in advance!)

Anyone you want to thank today? Go ahead, seize the day! :)

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