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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

So Busy

Hey, who's complaining? Hahaha!

I've been soooo busy the past weeks, today, and the coming weeks pa. But I want to squeeze in some blogging time. I want to lessen my "deliverables" on my 30 Things. Another hahaha! :p

Anyway, last night my best friend had her share of MY rants. Just out of the blue, I sent her a PM in facebook. Sometimes, even if it's a small thing or a small thing that snowballed to become a big thing, it's just great to have someone to share it with. Like what we usually say before, damay damay lang. Hahaha! But really, it's nice to have someone to talk to and to share your thoughts with. At least, you get the chance to just take all the negativity (and positivity, of course!) out of your system. Very relieving, I tell you.

How about you, do you have that someone you share your kilig stories, random stuffs, good finds, and other non-sense things? I really hope you do, because he/she will keep you sane at your extreme moments. :)

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