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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's February!

This is my month!
Bag from Gold Dot
Aside from the chaotic and romantic Valentine's Day, this is my birth month.
Love these heels from Gold Dot!

Waking up on a February morning excites me.

I continue day-dreaming on what will happen on my birthday.
Flats from Suelas

This year, things will be different. I will be celebrating my birthday with my new work. It will be my 7th day at work to be exact.
Dress from Amour
My friends know that I love surprises, I love birthdays, I love cakes, I love celebrations, I love preparing for birthdays. (Can I scratch these? I think I may have mentioned all these in a previous post na?).

So, I'm quite excited (and nervous at the same time) on how my day will go on my birthday. I will be celebrating my birthday with my new colleagues. They may not even know it's my birthday, unless our HR has a thing for birthdays. I hope, I just hope, I really hope that they celebrate birthdays. :)
Floral Peeptoe from Miss D
P.S. Images are part of my birthday wish list. (In case you're wondering. hahaha!)

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