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Sunday, June 5, 2011

This June, I Will Travel.

June 2011 is a bit packed for me. I love to travel, and this is one of the perks with my job. I get to travel at times. :)

Few weeks ago, I went to Cavite. Okay, it's not that far. But it's still out of town and the place we stayed in had a great pool. And food was yummy and not that expensive. Too bad, I only had to stay one day for the training session.

My first few days of June were spent in Cebu! Not that satisfied with my Inn, bearable though. 3 days of alone time. Ticking off "travel alone" in my 30 Things.

Next stop, Singapore! For pleasure, though. I'm a bit scared and nervous as it is the Great Singapore Sale. I hope I don't get overly excited when I see discounted gadgets everywhere I look. Hahaha!

Few more trips in line before I end June. Baguio and Naga.

Oh, did I say I love June? I love June! :)

How about you, any trips planned in the coming months? :)

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