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Friday, July 15, 2011

Wish Granted.

Oh, make that wishes. Emphasis on the "S" please. :)

Ok now, can someone please award me with "The BEST-EST SISTER AWARD!"?

When my sister posted her birthday wishlist, I know I can get her most (if not all).

So, a few days after she told the whole world what she wants to receive for her birthday, I bought here these:
Uhmm, not ALL. But as of last night, I got her 4 (or is it 5) already.
The same time I bought Me and Mr.Darcy, I got her this, too:

I even joined Patty's blog contest, I might win a WATCH for my dearest sister.
(Patty, if you're reading this. Please make me win just in time for my sister's birthday tomorrow - the 16th)

Lastly (Not really. But for this blog post, it's the last), I've been waiting for IT to arrive for two weeks now. I was really hoping that it comes before my sister's birthday. And today's the last working day of the week, I kept on following it up with our IT team. Come 4:58pm, I was packing up already and lost hope of getting it today. (Maybe next week na lang, I thought to myself).

I was about to shut down my laptop already, when someone said to me, "Ma'am, matutuwa po kayo kasi dumating na po." I shrieked. For real! Hahaha!

Anyway, pa-suspense muna. (Although I think you can easily guess what 'arrived' naman, maarte lang ako. Hahaha!). This is about my sister, her birthday, her gifts. :)
Happy Birthday!
Yes, you can have my iPod Touch already. :)

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