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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Davao Wow

My friends, the boyfriend and I went to Davao the other week.

Before the said trip, we realized that we were ALL booked in for a package with our chosen hotel (Clue: Initials - C.R.).

I was fuming mad already when I was talking with the reservations officer the day before our flight.

Good thing that the 'ending' of our discussion was different from what we experienced with their branch in Cebu two years ago.

The results: The five of us got upgrade to a family suite. And since only the four of us were included in the package (from Metrodeal), the 5th person was already free of charge. :)

Ok, scratch the bad vibes!

What I enjoyed most from our Davao trip was our water-tubing. Picture whitewater rafting, but instead of a boat, you're alone seated in a salbabida. It was FUN! Really!

*FYI, I was the one who got fell from the lifesaver. Hahaha!

Let me share more pictures for you to 'enjoy' our Davao trip as well. :)
With the caterpillars at the Butterfly House

Yummy yummy gelato for dessert at Crepelato
Php120 for this one, 2 scoops of super sarap gelato!

Such a cute couple, aren't they? :)

We had lots of 'map-reading' sessions during our Mountain Trail
@Eden Nature Park
The habal-habal ride.
No, this is not a photo-op.
We were moving when Al took this photo.
Those are BATS!
I won't be surprised if Batman surfaced from the cave. Hahaha!

We also visited The Crocodile Farm. Malagos Resort/Park, where the Philippine Eagles are seen. Mt.Samal.

I was a bit disappointed with Mt.Samal. It was just the slide. Period. Nothing to do much there, IMO. That's why we decided to rent a habal-habal, which was Php300-350 each per hour. Ouch! The journey going to the bat cave and falls are quite exciting and scary at the same time. You really will be holding on for your dear life. Hahaha!

How about you, have you been to Davao? What other places can you recommend that we visit? :)

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