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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

5 Things I'm Thankful For #24

I apologize for being MIA in the past couple of weeks.

Life's been crazy. The craziest was last week. I don't want to explore on that though.

Back to my subject.

Do I have things to be thankful for? I know there's a lot, but really can't think of anything specific as of the moment.

So, this list may be a bit dull, or too obvious. I don't know.

1. A bright morning. Thank you for giving me another day to enjoy life. Since last week, I feel so giddy when I wake up. Why? It's how I fine-tuned myself. Positive thinking. Every time I wake up, it's one day less of my 'deadline'.

2. CashCashPinoy. They have this referral program. I have 'referred' all members of our household already, because I have purchased cheap-thrills from this group-buying site. The result? I have purchased a lot, yes. I have earned Php700 referral bonus as well. Woohoo! :)

3. National Bookstore. Indeed it is THE National Bookstore. I love visiting the NB Best Sellers in Galleria, it seems they've got it all (Yes, I know they don't but with the big space and unending book shelves, it sure feels like heaven). I now consider NBS as my go-to place when I'm down. No more munching on some chips, or finishing a cup of sundae. This is now my dessert. :)

4. J. For being there, as always. Thank you.

5. X. For again making me realize that I need to do something about myself (for myself). I know this realization struck me (for the 2nd time) the hard way, but I am now creating a plan. You just wait. :)

Sorry for just blabbing my way to my #5. I just felt like I needed to write, to express how I feel.

But somehow, I hope this inspires you to create a list of your own as well. Through your blog, or by writing it down in a piece of paper, or simply by "Thank you".

Have a happy Tuesday everyone! :)

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