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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Who Can Read Maps? :)

Sharing with you our adventures at Eden Nature Park, in Davao.

We had so many map-reading photos, that I cannot resist to share. Hahaha!

Ayan, even the boys don't know which way to go
The girls to the rescue! :)
All smiles when we reached the disappointing Matinlo Falls
J: You need help figuring out the map?

Wow! Does it look like X is consulting me? Hahaha!

Are you lost now?

X: Hmmm, I should've listened to R.
X: Sabi dito left.
G: Hindi, dapat right.
X: Sige na nga, right.
G: Left na lang, kasi sabi ni Weng, right.
X: (laughing)
Can we please take a vote?
Who can read maps better, girls or guys? Hahaha! :)

*I still can't stop smiling whenever I check out these pictures. :p

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  1. love Davao!
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