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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

More Television!

With all the US TV Series I've been downloading and watching. How come I still crave for more?

Yes, I find time to watch these shows. I sometimes neglect my unread mountain-high level of books. (Sorry!)

Watching these TV shows is just addicting. Really!

So, what have I been hooked on lately? Aside from my usual faves, (read here), I found out about these absolute interesting and entertaining series. It's already on its 3rd season, but I only chanced upon it recently. So, give a round of applause to...

This series is set at the Hamptons. The main characters are the Lawsons. One of them is a concierge doctor, Hank. And the other, Evan R. Lawson, is the CFO of Hankmed. It's just nice to fancy the life these people are enjoying when it's summer in the Hamptons. The plot is similar to Grey's and House, but more luxurious, because most patients are really really rich. :)

Another TV series I can't get enough of is Once Upon A Time. Brings back the kid in me. :) This is about how people living in a small town had a kind-of link in our favorite fairy tales. Some characters that were already introduced are Snow White, the Wicked Stepmother, the Prince Charming, Jiminy Cricket, Rumpelstilskin, and a lot more. It's fun to suddenly blurt out "Si Sleeping Beauty!" or "Ang galing, friends un dalawang villains". It's just fun to watch. :)

I have another series that I've been loving for the past weeks. It's REVENGE. This deserves a separate post though. :)

How about you, any new TV discoveries? :)


  1. What a relief to know, i am not the only one who is addicted !!
    fun post!

    Ps- i can neve et enuf of Castle, HIMYM, and Two and a half men(im amazed, how it isnt in ur list!!)

  2. Hi "One Life.Many Moments",

    It's actually in my previous list. Hehe. Royal Pains, Once Upon A Time and Revenge are just additions to my TV-Series-I'm-Addicted-to-list. Hahaha! I don't watch Two and a half men though.

    P.S. I re-read my posts, I just forgot to write down HIMYM. I have a separate post on Castle.


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