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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

All About TV

TV Series, that is.

I don't watch the television that much anymore, but I'm usually infront of my laptop or glued to my iPhone, watching my fave US TV Series.

Ooh, it's such a jam-packed September (and the coming months) as I download the latest episodes from these series. Thank you, eztv for keeping me up to date. (But sadly, your site has been down these past few days)

Anyway, I can't wait to watch the 2nd episodes of my ultimate faves (Yes, second. Because I've already seen almost all the firsts...)

Here are some of my old faves:

I missed Richard Castle and Agent Beckett.
Quite a tandem, but I'm glad they're back!

I know this isn't the official poster.
It doesn't even bear the title (Covert Affairs),
but doesn't Auggie look hot? :)

I wonder what other twists they can inject to make Wisteria Lane more interesting :)
Desperate Housewives

Where is Peter Bishop?

I love the McDreamy's collage! :)

Slowly losing interest on this one,
but still I've downloaded the three episodes already

Funny. Happy. I love them all!

Speechless. White Collar.
And the new TV series I've recently discovered, which seems interesting...

It seems to be the regular sitcom tandem.
Rich Girl-Poor Girl
For the first two episodes, I had a good laugh :)
I don't know about this one.
But movies or shows with stewardess and a lot of travelling excites me a bit. :)

Starring Summer (from 500 Days of Summer)
Episode 1 was entertaining.

I love the plot!
I think I may have a new favorite lead star (Amanda/Emily)

Upon googling an image of The Lying Game,
did I only find out that it was based on Sara Shepard's book (of the same title)
*Shepard wrote Pretty Little Liars book series
On top of a handful of TV series, I download a lot more!
CSI. CSI Miami. CSI New York. Parenthood. Awkward. Vampire Diaries. The Secret Circle. The Good Wife. Pretty Little Liars.

Ok, this have been a long photo-blog but I'm sure you got a bit excited too. So, let's start downloading! :)

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