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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

5 Things I'm Thankful For #29

This post would have to be my "Thankful For" list 2011 edition.

I have a lot! So please don't limit me to 5. :)

1. X. For being himself all the time. For loving me. For everything.

2. J. For always being there for me. For listening to my endless rants. For bearing with my sob stories.

3. T. For listening to me. For allowing me to use your CC (Hahaha!).

4. My dearest sister. For cleaning my room. For tidying up my closet. For taking care of Peach. For being the greatest sister!

5. B Company. For teaching me that work is really hard.

6. E Company. For teaching me that work is really hard, but can be fun.

7. Timerixe Friends (Yes, we need to think of a new group name!). For your friendship. :)

8. B Workmates-turned-Friends. For creating the fun in hard work.

9. U! Happy Events. For the endless opportunities to push me to share my blessings with kids.

10. Peanut. For an exciting welcome every time I get home.

The list can go on and on, but would like to just thank everyone.

For everyone I met, I talked to, I spent time with, I shared food with, I partied with, I knew in 2011, thanks for being part of my 2011. :)

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