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Monday, January 23, 2012

Another Birthday Post

Yes, I will be bombarding February (Oops, January pa lang pala) with Birthday-related posts. So, exactly one month from now, I will be celebrating my birthday. :)

Yes, I am excited. How many times do I need to say that? Hahaha!

Anyway, for those of you who are wondering what to give me. I am making your lives easier. So, you don't have to worry what I would like to receive for my birthday. (I hope some of you are really wondering. Or at least, I hope this post made you consider to include me in your 2012 birthday-gift-list)

If I win the lottery tomorrow, I'll definitely buy all these (and a lot more!!!)

This exact red mug (V-Day special) from Starbucks

Available in Fully Booked and Book Depository
Got Looking For Alaska already. And it's not even Feb yet! :)

Gold Flats from Call It Spring (Greenbelt 3)
Gold Leaf Pendant Choker from Chicify -- 

Update: I just checked, this necklace is on sale! It's a sign! Buy me! Buy me! :)
And I wasn't able to resist. I bought the necklace already. Baka mawala pa! Hahaha!

Revel Bar from Purple Oven (Kapitolyo, Pasig)
This is really a to-die-for dessert!
And of course, a jar of Nutella from your nearby grocery stores. :)

Yes, I love reading.
These I think are hard-to-find-books.
Found them in Book Depository, though.

I am competitive.
So, I'd love to have this board game.
Practice by myself.
Then play with friends. Hahaha!
Available in National Bookstore.
Please be the greatest friend* I can ever wish for and give me anything from the list. :)

How about you, what do you want for your birthday? Tell me. Even if your birthday's on November, I won't judge. I won't tell you that September's sooooo months away pa. Hahaha!

*Note: Yes, my dear cute sister, you can also be categorized under "friend"

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