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Monday, August 30, 2010

Having a Sister is the Best-est Thing

Last night, I said "Bakit isa pa lang follower ko?" for more than 10 times, I think.

So, I told my sister to invite her friends to 'like' my fan page and to follow my blog. I'd give her PISO for every liker and follower. 

This morning I had +14 likers because of her. Who won't love a sister like that huh? :)

Then I came across this...
"You know at the end of the day, we should all be thankful of what we have. They’re all God’s gifts to us.
Having a sister, for a girl, is really a blessing in disguise. REALLY. I know that girls around there would agree. Haha. For a lot of reasons, having a sister is really something. (Maybe I’ll do a list about it someday. Haha.)
Anyway, speaking of my sister.. She started blogging yesterday."
"My sister? She’s like the best-est person I know. I AM VERY LUCKY TO HAVE A SISTER LIKE HER. Even when we don’t understand each other at times, even when we have a huge gap (I mean, age. 10 year gap!), even when she gets my pillow every night, even when she gets mad at me (because of small things), even when she gets what I eat, and a lot more of even whens, I still love her."
Click here to read more.

 Isn't my sister the sweetest? :)

P.S. Help my sister earn more PISO by clicking LIKE in my FB page and by following this blog.

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