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Monday, August 30, 2010

Funny TV #1

It was my first time to catch ABS-CBN's "Panahon Ko 'to" due to its afternoon time slot.

I was watching it earlier and laughed my heart out (I know, I'm mababaw.)

Luis: Anong MBB ang tawag sa mga OFW... dahil sa malasakit nila sa bayan?
Contestant 1: Mga Buhay na Bayani
Luis: Sorry, mali
Contestant 2: Mga Bayaning Buhay
Luis & Billy: (laughing!!!)

P.S. Answer is Mga Bagong Bayani

You have any TV shows you want to share? :)


  1. it was my first time to watch the show din. I really wanted to catch it. And yes, Glenn and I couldnt stop laughing with the answers given especially the MBB. hehehe... the show looks like fun. sali tayo. hehehe.. :P

  2. i wasn't able to watch the whole show. next holiday na natin mapanood un ulit. hahaha!

    sali tayo? malalaki un age gap eh, we can't join as a group. hehe.


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