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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Stylebible Shopping Spree

This is the one I've been raving about.

I can now share because it's over already.

Yes, I won another raffle / contest.

This time, it's with Stylebible.

Honestly, I already forgot how I joined this contest.

I was surprised to see my name in their promo page.

I won Php12,000 worth of shopping spree. (With no less than the managing editor of Stylebible, Isha Andaya)

I don't have pictures from my camera to upload but grabbed some from Hal & Royce. (Thanks girls!) 

I'll post photos of the items I bought with my GC's next time.

2000 from Espada. 2000 from Luca. 4000 from Wade. 4000 from Maldita. Isn't life fun? :)

Royce. Star. Kat. ME. Isha. Hal
Just to add, because of this shopping spree, I was able to cross out "Buy a complete outfit" from my 30 Things to do before 30 list. :)

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