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Friday, December 31, 2010

100th Post: Birthdays & Surprises

It’s almost the end of 2010.

If you know me too well, you know that as early as the start of –ber months, I am already way thinking ahead. I am already thinking about my birthday.

Some people get excited about Christmas. Some loves Valentines Days. Others like to dress up on Halloween.

Me, I have a thing for birthdays.

I get uber-excited for birthdays. My own birthday. My best friend’s birthday. My officemate’s birthday. Everyone’s birthday.

I plan ahead. Like in the office, I usually initiate the collecting of funds to buy a decent birthday cake. We try to surprise the celebrant (even though she’s expecting the surprise na) as much as we could.

I believe that since it is someone’s birthday, he or she should be treated well. Not only well, but really special.

There are downsides for my uber-excitement for my birthday though. I tend to expect too much. Well, not too much. I just expect. Period.

I expect people (especially my friends) to remember my birthday. And for me to know that they remember, I expect a greeting.

Given the various ways of reaching me, I don’t see any reason why someone is not able to greet me on my special day. I have two mobile numbers, Friendster, Multiply, Facebook, and Yahoo Mail. My birthday can be seen in Friendster and Facebook. I believe our yahoo group sends a birthday reminder on the day itself. My birthday can also be seen in our office’s intranet. So, can you blame me if sometimes I make tampo to those who forget to greet me?

When I expect something and it does not happen, I get sad and frustrated. But after a few hours or days, I am back to my old expecting self. I look forward to my next birthday. I wish that something great would happen on my next birthday.

In addition to loving birthdays, I also love surprises. To preparing a surprise for someone and to be surprised.

I am yet to be surprised. Big time. (Get the hint!)

*Did this post make sense? I just wanted to say something, you know. Hahaha!

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  1. I know this post isnt for me but noted on this... Hehe...


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