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Friday, December 31, 2010

Thank you, Marlboro

A few months back, PMFTC (Philip Morris) sent us (the participants) a CD of the pictures and videos taken during ‘The Marlboro eXperience’ (TMX) event.

When I saw this picture, I was really sure that it was me in the photo. But some of my friends didn’t believe me. Anyone can claim naman daw na sila un, with the mask and helmet on. Hahaha!

Then today, after receiving a couple of daily newsletters (and I really mean daily) from Marlboro, I was surprised to see a familiar face in the header (mast head?) of the newsletter.

I wanted to shout, AKO YAN!!!”

For fun, I forwarded the newsletter to some of my friends just to prove that it was really me. Well, with the high-res photo, no one now can deny that it’s really me! (And how many times do I need to say the line, “It’s really me!”? Hahaha!)

I don’t know why, but the newsletter made me smile.

Thank you, Marlboro, for the post-Christmas gift.

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