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Sunday, December 26, 2010

5 Things I'm Thankful For #12

Since Christmas has just ended, and we're only a few days away in bidding 2010 good-bye.

I'd like to do a Things I'm Thankful For This 2010.

1. X. For simply being there. For shaking my world. For reminding me that I can be better. For being patient with me. For the endless laughters. For everything. I love you.

2. My Cute Sister. For your touching post (click here to read more). For following almost all my bilins. For being so matipid. 

3. My bestfriend, J. For being a shoulder (or an ear?) to cry on. For the endless chikahans. For making every get-together worthwhile. For just being there.

4. Our Best Couple Friend, J & G. For making Coron an ice-breaking trip. For our regular dinners and post-dinner lakads. For listening to my rants and tantrums.

5. My friend, ex-officemate and officemate, T. For our never-ending IPs. For sharing the latest happenings about everyone we know. For listening to my happy anecdotes, my office rants, my bloopers, my everything.

6. Stylebible. For the biggest and most wonderful prize I have received this year. :)

7. Blogs (Chronicles of Vanity, Mommy Fleur, Topaz HorizonHere Tishie Tishie, Ooh La La, Ems Express). I don't know you all personally but I really read your blogs. Most of your posts inspire me to believe in things, in true love, in happy endings, and other good things. Continue sharing your stories and blessings to us, readers.

For everyone who, in one way or the other, is part of my 2010.
To someone who smiled at me.
To someone who sent me a nice-to-read email, or SMS.
To someone who has helped me with work.
To someone who gave me a piece of mint.
To someone who stood by me.
To someone who said hi.
Basta to everyone.

Thank you.


  1. Oh, I'm so touched to be on this list. Thank you, Rowena! Hope you had a merry Christmas!:)

  2. Wow im touched to be part of this blog entry. Well you make my stay at work great. I may not have a lot of work friends but if you have a handfull that's worth it, okay na yun. To more good times this 2011! Channel P pa rin ok?


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