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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Bangs

It's been years since I last had bangs.

I think last time was back in my grade school days in Assumption.

This morning I saw my officemate, L, with a pair of scissors in hand. In one blink, she cut her hair. I wanted to cut my hair, too. I asked her to cut my hair. Voila! Bangs!

Before I had my hair cut, I was telling them funny stories about "Me and My Bangs".

Story #1
Do you remember that back in the 90's, one-length-hairdo was in? I was not really into fashion, hair trends and beauty stuffs then but I really wanted that one-length-hairdo. By definition, one-length-hairdo was no-bangs-hairdo daw. So, next thing I know, I didn't have bangs anymore. Literally, no bangs! I made major pudpod my bangs.
Check out the 1st two pictures. See the bangs? Wala!
Story #2
Another funny story, I was playing with my mom's roller brush. I was curling my bangs in the brush. Then... My hair got stuck! Afraid that my mom might get mad at me, I hurriedly got hold of the scissors and tried to remove the stuck hair. What happened next? My mom scolded me for ruining my hair, we had to rush off to our neighborhood salon to try to save my hair.

Just felt like sharing my tales about bangs.

Hope you're enjoying the cold weather. But I'm also hoping that there will be no floods and tomorrow will be a sunny day.

Good night, dears. :)

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