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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Travel, anyone?

In January, we went to Boracay for an after-wedding getaway. (Not our wedding, FYI.)

Come February, the Valentines weekend, with my best couple friend, we went to Puerto Galera.

December pa lang, I already have my 2011 all planned out. Well, at least for some months.

We were booked for Singapore in June. And around Feb, we booked for another Boracay trip in November.

I told X that those trips were enough already for 2011. "Quota na tayo!"

Then I just have to prove myself wrong. Hahaha!

I read somewhere that PAL had a promo for all domestic destinations. Just for today, March 15.

Without thinking that I might be able to find a good deal, I searched for a Davao flight.

Whew! I don't know if it was great that I saw a roundtrip flight worth roughly Php2000, or was it bad because I haven't even started saving for Singapore yet and here comes another trip.

Well, I booked it. Davao, see you in August. :)

What's up with the promo fares? PAL & Cebu Pacific, stop lowering the airfares because my savings can't take it anymore! Hahaha!

How about you, any upcoming trips for 2011? :)

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