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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Love-Hate Relationships

Do you have a friend whom you love so dearly, and yet she seems not able to reciprocate?

Does reminiscing your school days make you sad because you've realized those are just memories from the past, and you start missing your friend?

Are you obliged to stalk a friend's FB account just to know what's happening to her because it's the only way you can find out?

Does it irk you that you care about this person so much, that you really get affected when she doesn't mind you?

Too bad, I have only one answer for all above questions. YES. :(

It saddens me thinking about this friend. I just realized I'm starting to hate her now, right at this moment. She doesn't even care. I'm starting to hate her, but I know I can't. No matter what happens, she'll still be my friend. When the time comes that she realizes she needs me, I'll still be there. I know that.

I do not want to be too sentimental about this, but it really breaks my heart thinking about this. I guess it really is heart-breaking to know that you have lost or about to lose a friend.

What is more heart-breaking is not knowing why. A slap in the face or a string of harsh words might hurt, but I would prefer that than the torturing silent treatment you have shown me all these times.

Sorry for the early morning rants, I just can't help it. :(

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