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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

TV Series, etc.

Are you watching the TV Series I've been following for quite some time now?

Here is a list of shows I've been religiously downloading (Thanks, eztv) every week.

Grey's Anatomy. Gossip Girl. Glee. CSI. CSI NY. CSI Miami. The Good Wife. Better With You. Vampire Diaries. The Walking Dead. White Collar. Nikita. Pretty Little Liars. Episodes. Fringe. Desperate Housewives. Parenthood. Modern Family.

Among all these TV shows, only a few of these are enjoyable. I am not sure what is happening to some of these shows, but some are making me bored to death.

I am still enjoying Grey's because of the weird patients and cases. This is also the reason why I still love Fringe.

Gossip Girl makes me skip some scenes and urges me to press forward. I love the Dan-Blair angle, but why does it have to be about Serena all the time? Parang Pinoy teleserye na, lahat na ng not-so-good things, nangyari na sa kanya.

All CSI episodes are still enjoyable for me, love the different crime scenes.

The Good Wife is awesome. Courtroom scenes should be like this, seems fun.

Better With You and White Collar are really good. I love the characters!

Pretty Little Liars is getting more exciting, seems to be moving away from the actual book plot, but really great still. Love the fashion sense of these teens, though they seem to dress up more like college girls.

Modern Family is really funny. I love it when Alex shows her smart-ness, especially when she makes fun of Haley. :)

Desperate Housewives seem to be trying to extend their plot, better think of other characters and plots to show.

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