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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Kikay Kit

I was in a hurry to dry my hair one morning at the gym (I was also wishing that I bought my hair dryer...), when I noticed that I had a lot of items in my gym kikay kit.

Well, my kit's really meant for travelling but since it was travel-friendly (due to its size), I might as well use the same in my gym bag, right? :)

For my hair, I recently bought a big L'Oreal shampoo (priced at P99).
And I also bought a smaller one, both the shampoo and conditioner (Php54-59)
I love how the packaging looks, but for two days parang may leak un shampoo.
I had to place both in a plastic to isolate them in my gym bag. Hahaha!
The L'Oreal Elseve hair frizz serum is used when I'm in the office na.

I love how this Pond's White Beauty Day Cream smells, so I bought the facial foam, too.
Do they have a night cream as well?
Because I've been using (IF I remember) this BB Night Cream for months already.
Dove Whitening Deodorant
Vaseline Total Moisture Lotion
Colgate Plax Mouthwash
Calgon Morning Glory
Razor (for unwanted hair -- if tweezers can't do the job. Hahaha!)
Band-aids (for paltos and other gasgas that usually gets to me without me knowing)
Cotton, Cotton Buds & Nail File (took this home from a recent trip)
Nail cutter (I always break a nail)
Disposable Undies (Naaliw lang ako when I saw this in SG. Cute ng packing, diba?)
 How about you, what's in your kikay kit? :)

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