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Friday, October 7, 2011

Current Book

I always use my iPhone when in transit. From our house to the office, or vice-versa. In the shuttle or in the bus. I know, I should be more cautious and careful next time. ;)

Surprisingly this morning, I didn't use my phone the whole time I was waiting in the FX terminal. Not even while stuck on traffic in Ortigas Ave..

Want to know why? Because I was so engrossed reading this book:

I bought this book from my ever-favorite store, National Bookstore. :)

I know I have a lot more to know about Marketing, the ins and outs, so I decide I'll start from here.

I am just on Page 20 (Yes, after almost an hour of reading.), because I am really munching on every word. Trying to understand what the phrases really means.

I hope I really learn a lot from this book. If I do, I'll definitely buy his other books. :)

How about you, what are you currently reading?

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