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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I'm Currently Reading...

I can't seem to let go of this book.
While cooking dinner, I was reading this.
While waiting for the elevator to open, I was reading this.
While having my oatmeal breakfast, I have this on my right hand.
While on my way to work, I don't care if I get a headache for reading in a moving vehicle.
I just love it!
Already nearing the end, but I think this is one book I can re-read over and over again.
I am learning a lot from Tony Hsieh!
I will try to apply some of these learning in my workplace. :)

Another HAPPINESS book.
Don't you just love being Happy? :)
I hope this book is as entertaining as Hsieh's.
I think I just have to update my "Things To Do Before 30" list.
I need to add something book-related.

Btw, I first encountered Tony Hsieh's book in NBS Bestsellers in Galleria. I hesitated on buying it, I decided to buy another book. It didn't appeal to me that instant. Then I got to read teeyah's blog post on the book, I got more intrigued. So, I bought one from my ever-reliable National Bookstore. (Yes, I can easily be influenced. Just like that. Hahaha!) 

Anyway, thanks T for recommending a good read. :)

Any more good-reads to recommend? :)

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