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Monday, June 18, 2012

PA #3 Beauty Regimen

I seldom put make-up on. I'm usually content with the regular application of lip gloss/balm.

I haven't tried facial because I'm scared that if I don't do it regularly, it might be the end of my almost-flawless-face. ;)

Thus, I find it unnecessary to cleanse, moisturize and tone. If I have make-up on, I just use any make-up remover available on my dresser. And that's it!

But lately, due to excessive blog-hopping and beauty-sites-reading, I learned that when we reach our 20's, we should really start taking extra care of our skin. Especially now with the pollution, late-nights, alcohol, and other stuffs bad for our skin.

I got curious when I read some blog posts about the product launch of Pond's, their Age Miracle line. I read it from Tara's and Frances'. I was enticed to try a pot. Like Frances, I would love to hear the boyfriend say, "Wow, you're glowing."

So there, I first tried their Day Cream. When I was almost done with the pot, I passed by Megamall and found out that some of their creams are on sale. I bought four different items. Yes, it was a bit damaging on my credit card but it was all worth it!

After a month of usage, my face rarely dries up anymore even with makeup on. It's also not that sticky. I just wish they offer it on a sort-of-dispenser so I won't have to dip my fingers every time I use it.

Well now, I'm just waiting for someone to tell me. "Blooming kateh" :)

How about you, what's your beauty regimen? :)

*Oh, I almost forgot. This is another Personal Achievement. I'm happy that I have stuck with a regimen for more than a month now. Hopefully, it becomes a habit. :)

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