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Monday, June 11, 2012

What's Your Blood Type?

What's your blood type? I'm a Type B.

Why did I ask? I want to share with you things I've learned from this new book I bought and I'm currently reading, "Eat Right 4 Your Type".

The book is simply about knowing more about the four blood types, the benefits and the other things trivial stuffs. :)

The book has listed several food items that were categorized as Highly Beneficial, Neutral, and Avoid.

Highly Beneficial items will help you control your weight, even help you lose some if you strictly follow your list. It optimizes your body's capacity and makes you healthier, keeping you farther away from sickness.

Simply put, Neutral is neutral. It doesn't do you any good nor any harm. You may consume these items in moderation for additional nutrients.

The Avoid list came in a bit of shock to me because there were a lot of food items that I love, that belongs to my AVOID list. These items are mostly in the avoid list because they produce or they provide lectins, which slows down the body's digestion process and metabolism.

So, let me share the food items that struck me the most. Well, most likely these are the things I'd be consuming in the coming weeks. I'd hate so bid goodbye to some of it, but well I need to.

Highly Beneficial
Meat - mutton, venison, lamb, veal, rabbit (IKR! Why are the favored meat for B's so expensive?!?)
Veggies - cauliflower, bell pepper (not that this list would make me eat this), purple yam (camote! Yey!), 
Fruits - banana, pineapple, watermelon
Grains - oats

Meat - beef, turkey
Veggies - potato (at least it isn't in my avoid!), 
Grains - rice

Meat - CHICKEN! (the book adds that most of us have been put under the notion that chicken is better than beef, well not in BloodTypeB's case. Chicken produces lectin....)
Seafood - shrimp, crab, 
Fruits - tomato, coconut (I'm not a fan but was surprised to see this under avoid)
Condiments - ketchup
Bread - wheat

So, what do you think? Are you a B? Can you live with this list? I hope I can, I'll try to strictly follow the list. Let's see what happens in July. :)

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