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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Last Few Days

I’m now counting the days.

Last week, one of my closest friend at work (oh, even outside work) wittingly said: “Para kang teleserye ah, huling dalawang linggo na lang. Hahaha!”

To which I replied with: “I know! Kaya abangan ang mga kapana-panabik na eksena. Marami pang surprises, katatawanan at exciting na pangyayari sa mga huling araw ko. Hahaha!”

I can laugh about my resignation, about me leaving the company, now. But I know that when the idea sinks in, I’ll also be saddened (a bit). Some of my soon-to-be former colleagues have become my friends in my almost two-year-stay here in the company.

I will surely miss the funny anecdotes, heart-breaking stories, embarrassing moments, 90’s commercial jingles, GTWM Podcasts, breakfast meals, lots of Shakey’s Pizza & Mojos, Amber’s Spaghetti & Pichi-Pichi, Buddy’s Pancit Lucban, the birthday 'surprises', lunch treats, lunch extortion, Tolits' Math Skills, Kit's old age, Leah&Ems bully-ness, Turs' "Buendia na ko", Kat's lovelife, Von's escapades, Mahir's kakulitan and a lot more that we have shared over the past years.

Despite the closeness of our group, I am still eager to leave. Not only to take on and grab a bigger opportunity, but also to let go of the stress, negativity and other not-so-good things I have been experiencing these past few months. J

What are your thoughts about leaving your colleagues-turned-friends? About leaving the company you’ve worked with? About moving to a new work environment?

I am quite excited and scared. I am also happy and sad at the same time. But honestly, I feel so relieved that I will be leaving and moving on.

I’d like to end this with another conversation with a fellow resignee (is there such a term? Hahaha!). This just shows how relieved and happy we both feel. Hahaha!

Me: Grabe, ang sarap ng feeling pag lumalabas ako ng office. Parang gusto kong sumigaw ng “Yehey, apat na araw na lang, last day ko na”.
C: Ako nga, ang bilis ko bumangon sa umaga. Ganyan din ang sinasabi ko.

Our colleagues / friends just stared at us with a hint of jealousy. Hahaha! J

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