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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

5 Things I'm Thankful For #38

It's nice to see you again, blogspot. It's been awhile. :)

I believe it would be a great way to end July with my thankyou list.

1. X. For your patience, understanding, love, etc. I love you. :)

2. Run For Light. It was truly a memorable experience! I seldom join fun-runs, but last Saturday's run was really fun. Additional thankyou to the continuous rainshowers.

3. Ellen Degeneres. You filled my Sunday morning with laughter and laughter.

4. White Collar. Covert Affairs. Royal Pains. Suits. Looking forward to another great catch-up weekend with Neal Caffrey, Annie Walker, Hank, Harvey Specter and Mike Ross. (Oh, I'm sad though that Donna's leaving. I hope they bring her back!)

Please bring her back... :(

5. Brains On Fire. You ignite the passion within me. :)

Yey, got this book from TheBookDepository

So there. What about you, got anyone to thank today? Go ahead, don't let this moment pass you by.

Have a great Wednesday!

Weng Cutangco

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