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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

1st Beach Experience in 2012

Have you tried Surfing? Not internet surfing, but the real surfing with the use of a surfboard.

If not yet, oh, let me tell you that it's really an amazing experience. Superb!

I had so much fun during our Baler trip few weeks ago.

On my nth attempt
Our day started super early because it takes 5-7 hours to get to Baler. And FYI, Baler is in Aurora and not Quezon. :)

We met with the Barefoot Travel group around 130am. I told you it was super early, right? Hahaha!

Let me tell you first about Barefoot Travel. It was founded and formed by a group of friends who loves to travel and take on some adventures. So basically, anyone can join the Barefoot Travel group. You can join on your own or you may invite some friends as well. They usually I think limit the group size to about 20-30 so as it's not hard to organize, especially during the trip.

So, I joined with the boyfriend. It was his 2nd time already as he has joined their La Union trip in the past month.

I don't want this to be a super long post, so I'll let the photos again do the talking. :)

After the 1st day surfing lessons
The boyfriend who looks like a pro

Before our surfing lessons, we went around the town
On our way to the falls here.

When in Baler, never miss the opportunity to have a meal in Bay's Inn.
Try their Grilled Fish. The boyfriend loves it.
I plan to experiment and cook this for him. :)

Before heading to Manila, passed by Museo De Baler

And MLQ's Ancestral House

And oh, we'll never forget our last adventure
We went up this humongous Balete tree

That's all, folks! Visit Baler soon, or check out Barefoot Travel's Facebook page. They're coming back to Baler on the 25th. :)

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