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Friday, October 1, 2010

5 Things I'm Thankful For #7

My 7th Entry.

I'm Thankful For...

1. Flat Tops (and other local brand chocolates). These are my pick-me-uppers. These come in handy when we're having a stressful and super loooong day in the office.

2. My Sister. Ugh. We almost think alike. We share the same sentiments on makukulit na bata. hahahha!

3. X. If I'll have a Hall of Fame list of those I'm thankful for, definitely he'll be my number one.

4. Mahir. (Wow, special mention ha. :P). For making work more fun and more bearable this week. :)

5. iPod Nano. At least, I don't have to do more thinking of what he wants for his birthday na.

Thank you.

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