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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I Believe.

They say that when you keep on saying things, when you strongly believe that something's going to happen, it will happen eventually.

Law of attraction, is it?

Well, on our way home from the office earlier. Te & I were talking about our future trips (next year, to be more specific). We're planning on a vacation on a cruise!

So, starting today, I shall think of this all the time. I shall imagine myself sunbathing by the pool. I shall practice my map-reading and navigation skills. I shall make major, major tipid (5-day cruise costs around US$1,000, I think)

This will happen next year. Some time next year.

Right, my dear friends? :)


  1. Ro-Ro cruise anyone?

  2. I believe too that this will happen if we want it bad enough! hehehe...Aside from saving for this, we should also try if we are "sea-ready" for this? hehehe...:) Looking forward...


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