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Monday, October 25, 2010

Odd Jobs You Never Knew Existed

I came across this article the other day.

Just want to share these with you, some may hope that we can find a job as easy and fun as these jobs. Others may find some of these jobs ridiculous, really a furniture tester???.

In no particular order, from Woman's Day

Water Slide Tester. If you love water slides, you can enjoy this job for sure!

Do we have a Coconut Safety Engineer here in the Philippines? 

I know that some companies hire Fake Review Writer to up their ratings

Who would not want to be a Furniture Tester?
I would LOVE to be a Professional Sleeper. Same goes with X, too, I think. :)

By the looks of it, even I do not recommend being an Odor Tester

Pet Food Taster. G, are you up for this job? :p
 More odd jobs (like IMAX Screen Cleaner, Vomit Cleaner and Professional Whistler) can be found here

How's your long weekend, dear readers?

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