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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Free Movies, Anyone?

We've been lucky for having to watch 3 movies in the last 2 weeks.

Thank God for wonderful friends. :)

Sept 28. My friend, L, had two Powerplant movie tickets (for any movie) that is valid until the 30th. Knowing she will not be able to use the tickets, she asked who wanted it. Me, who does not pass up anything that will save me a few hundreds said "AKO!" before L finished her question.

X & I used the tickets to watch Wall Street. I wasn't able to watch the previous Wall Street, which might explain why I was bored with the movie. B-O-R-E-D. I even fell asleep during some parts of the movie (Well, I know this won't surprise some of my darling friends). Good thing we watched this for free. :)

Sept 5. M, my closest guy officemate had 2 premiere tickets for Eat, Pray, Love (EPL). He didn't want to watch it because he thinks it's a chick flick. Or that it might bore him to death. So, he gave it to me.

It was again X, who accompanied me to the premiere. He agreed to watch this with me because it's free. I know he didn't want to pay for an EPL ticket. Hahaha! I was kind of hesitant to watch the movie also because I was able to read the book. I got engrossed with the "Eat" and "Pray" parts of the book but found the "Love" part a bit dragging (this came as a surprise because I thought the love part would be the most fun and easy-to-read part for me). So, I wasn't expecting too much from the movie. You can say I was relieved when the credits were rolling because it was the longest 2.5 hours in my life. Yes, I admit, I fell asleep again in some parts.

My best friend, J, I think looks forward to the start of the month to download Nokia's OVI application. Why? Because if we download, we get to watch their featured film for free. In Greenbelt 3's MyCinema, no less.

October 9. We were surprised that only the 4 of us were inside the 50-seater cinema. Is Charlie St. Cloud really not a watch-able film that no one would dare watch even if it's FREE? We just let time pass, and it's as if nothing happened. We didn't even talk about the movie over our quick dinner. Was it really that bad? Hahaha!

Just wanted to share my latest movie treats. In case you have tickets to give away, you now know who you can share it with. :)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, dears.

 P.S. My best friend, J, is insisting that I fell asleep during Charlie St. Cloud. I don't know, I was quite sure I was wide awake the whole time (well, trying so hard to keep my eyes open). What it is with movies and me sleeping? ;)

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