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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Another TV Series -- Suits

Have you watched Suits? If you haven't, you better check out and download the complete first season.

I really enjoyed watching ALL episodes. Some characters reminded me of White Collar, The Good Wife, and Mad Men. The plot just amazes me. I may have considered taking up Law if I have seen these before filling out those college applications.

Oh, and you'd love Donna. She's such a great secretary/fax whisperer :)
Another TV Series I'm beginning to enjoy is Big Bang Theory. I can describe it as nerdy-funny. It provides useful & useless trivias. It adds humor to your usual boring Math and Science information by delivering it in sort of comic way. I've seen four episodes but I think I'll be able to finish this series (until the 5th season) before February ends. :)

How about you, do you have a new favorite TV show you'd want us to try watching?

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