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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

5 Things I'm Thankful For #31

For #26This will be a quick & short '5 Things I'm Thankful For' list.

1. Sophia Grace & Rosie. For making me laugh and squeal for excitement. Moves like Jagger have been playing on my head since I've seen your video. Oh, I should thank Ellen, too, for discovering these wonderful kids.

2. X. For making each V-Day special. For spending the whole Saturday with me. For everything. ;)

3. U! For another wonderful opportunity to be with the kids. For organizing events like U! Kick It Right. For giving us the chance to share our blessings with the kids and learn from them, too.

4. Star Cinema. For 'Unofficially Yours'. For another blockbuster. For the 2 hours of rom-com and witty lines. For JLC. Hahaha!

5. Work. I am challenged every day by new and different tasks. These keeps me sane and takes away boredom from 'work'. Wish ko na lang continuous flow of creative juices. :)

Oh-kay, was that quick? I got carried away. Hahaha!

I think this is quick compared to my upcoming Birthday-Thankful list.

And in case you don't know or haven't realized it yet, it's my birthday on Thursday.

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