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Friday, February 3, 2012

It's really February na!

I ordered books from The Book Depository on January 1. What a great way to start 2012, right? :) Well, anyway the books only arrived Feb 1. I know, exactly a month after I ordered. I think it really takes 2-6 weeks for items you've ordered online, especially it comes from a different continent.

So anyway, I'd like to share my thoughts on TBD.

(+) points
- they have a wide selection of titles. As in, you'd go gaga and you'd have a hard time choosing which book to order first. (I ordered 4!)
- NO SHIPPING FEE! This is superb considering the books are shipped from UK.
- Offer books at the same price with out local bookstores or sometimes cheaper if the book's on sale.
- Books are packaged separately in a bubblewrap-packaging-material, which avoids or at least lessens the folding/tearing/damaging/etc of the books.
- They ship the books as soon as they're available. So, you do not have to wait for all titles in your order to become available.

(-) points
- it takes weeks/months for the books to arrive at your doorstep. I have yet to receive the two other books I ordered.
- TBD sends the books through Royal Mail, which then sends the shipment to the Philippines. Your package cannot be easily tracked.

So there. Absolutely amazing, right? I have many books to read yet so many books in my TBD cart waiting to be paid. Hahaha! Oh, did you know my birthday's on the 23rd? Maybe you can buy some of the books in my wishlist na. Hahaha!

I hope encouraged you to visit TBD or just visit my favorite National Bookstore to buy some books. :)

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