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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My ZALORA Wishlist

With our hectic schedules, crowded malls, and highly-congested roads, I find comfort in online shopping.

Forget the days when you can only buy generic or no-brand items from Multiply.  We now have a one-stop-shop which carries most of the brands I patronize.

Zalora. They cater to clients addicted to shoes, clients on a budget, and clients like me who doesn't enjoy going through several racks of clothes.

I have tried Zalora's service twice already. My first experience was simply amazing. I ordered around 7pm, and was surprised to get a call to confirm my order shortly after I placed my order, and got my pair of shoes lunch time the following day. How great is that, right? :)

I've been browsing Zalora these past few days and have been eyeing several items. I have placed these in my "to-buy-soon" folder. These kinda keeps me motivated to work harder and save up. :)

So imagine my excitement when I got Nuffnang's email for their Zalora Wishlist Contest. I was ecstatic!!!

I had a hard time trimming down my Wishlist. I think it took me hours weighing the pros and cons of each item. So, finally, I came up with these. :)

1. W Low V Back Dress in RED.

2. W V Back Lace Short Dress in BLACK.

These dresses are so glam and fab. Put on a blazer on top of the red dress, and you can wear it to work. Strip off the blazer for a quick night-out with the girls. :)

The black lace dress would be an addition (and an improvement) on my oh-so-dull closet which are usually filled with cotton tops, jeans and shirts. I think I can even wear this on an upcoming friend's wedding.

3. Chic-Chic Pink Coloured Necklace

My sister rarely wears accessories. I want her to love my girly stuffs, too. So I'm buying her this cute pink necklace. This necklace is so adorable that I know she wouldn't resist not wearing it.

4. Lulu Clutch In Satin

This would be perfect with my Black Lace Dress.

5. Lulu Sling Bag with Quilt Design 

I love how this would fit my everyday lifestyle. This will serve as a holder of my wallet, mobile phones, and lip gloss. I do not want to carry my huge carry-all bags everywhere I go. I guess this sling bag is perfect for quick trips to the mall, or even out of town trips. Do you agree? :)

So, that's it for me. I really hope I win this Zalora Wishlist Contest. :)

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