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Friday, April 20, 2012

Something Financial

I'm not a finance guru. I'm merely a BS Math graduate who didn't have the chance to practice my degree after graduation.

Anyway, this post isn't actually related to math. I just want to share some thoughts on management of finances.

Again, I'm no guru. These are just personal experiences and observations.

"I just don't believe in online banking. Particularly in paying my bills online." 

Someone told me recently. This bothered me. I am in the business of being an 'avenue' to clients with no online access to pay their bills, to buy prepaid load, to book their flights and the likes. How do I convince this someone to 'trust' the bank's online system (whichever bank he chooses)? I was like, "I know you know that soon over the counter transactions will be obsolete, everything will be online already, so why not go with online banking now?"

He just smiled. He explains further, "I don't feel safe. It's like my money will be 'lost' when I pay online."

So, I want to know how do people really feel about online banking. Do you pay your bills online? What other transactions do you do online?

Help me enlighten this person by posting comments. Try convincing him to go online. Or if you feel otherwise, side with him and convince me. :)

Share those thoughts!

P.S. I know this post seems bitin, I can't seem to find a way on how to end this or rather how to organize my thoughts. Hehe. ;)

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