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Monday, April 16, 2012

It's My Birthday!

WARNING: This is a SUPER (x100) delayed post. I forgot that it was still in my draft folder. Hahaha!


I'm now 29! :)

With the months and days of excitement build-up, my day went well. It was actually great. Since I wasn't really expecting any surprise from anyone, I was easily surprised by several people.

It was more like a week-long celebration. Hahaha!

U! Core team (and Iceberg). For the improvised cake.

X. Thanks for the first birthday greeting. Exactly 12:00. :)
20th floor boys & girls. For the Sugarhouse cake.

AFM Ladies. For the Starbucks mug & healthy Malunggay Shing-a-ling :)
Ebiz HR. For the 'surprise' happy birthday song & slice of cake.
Ayen & Manny. For the super unexpected flowers.

DealGrocer. For the sulit deal for Goodies n Sweets.

Pam Cinco of Risa's Chocolates. Yes, this certainly made my morning complete. :) (which btw is another DealGrocer treat)

My cute & sweet sister. For the surprise & thoughtful post. And for the 'creative' something now hung on my cabinet.

Te & Glenn. For dropping by & celebrating my birthday. And for Cranium! :)
AtCeline. For your unsual & unexpected presence. Hahaha!
BDO friends (mostly ex-). For the cake, chikas, & company on the day after my birthday.
Jernee & Glenn. For bringing back our Saturdate. :)

Xerxes (again). For another birthday gift. For being with me during all those 'celebrations' with different sets of friends :)

For everyone who remembered.
For everyone who remembered and texted.
For everyone who remembered and called.
For everyone who remembered and posted on my wall.
For everyone who remembered and tweeted.
For everyone who were reminded by facebook and greeted.
For everyone who cared and made an effort to make my day more special.

Thank you.

Till next year. My 30th. :)

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