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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ang Sukli. Bow.

My sister and I were in a newly-opened convenience store in our village.

We bought snacks because we planned to do a Fringe marathon. (btw, finished one episode lang, malay ko bang 1 hr 20 mins per episode un. hahaha!)

Anyway, after paying the cashier, my change was supposed to be around Php390. Then the confused cashier asked me, "Ma'am puwede po ba kumuha na lang kayo ng ibang item kasi wala po akong barya?". So I asked, "Magkano ba un kulang sa sukli ko?" (I was willing to let go naman a peso or two, no problem with me), but she replied with "10 pesos po". 10???

Just so we can leave the store agad because I was really excited for Fringe, I picked two San Mig Coffee Sachets which was beside the cashier. 2 sachets were around 8-something worth. And the poor cashier, mukhang wala talaga kahit singkong duling na barya, gave me 3 pieces of Mentos candies as equivalent to the remaining change.

Nakakatawa lang db?

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